Is there any alternative to a playpen?

Playpens are hugely popular with parents as they allow for the provision of a safe environment for the child without too much trouble. It is a great way of giving them room without allowing them into potentially dangerous parts of the house. But sometimes, let's face it, are not the easiest items to deal with. That is why today we discuss if there are any alternatives to a playpen.

The truth is, playpens are quite popular anyway. At BabySecurity there are two models which are specially popular. One is the Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Playpen as it can be easily customised to whatever your needs. A trendy product is the Clippasafe Multifunctional Wooden Playpen, made of 6 sections measuring 59 cm wide each, which makes it one of the widest options in the market. Another popular and easy to setup is the Callowesse Pop Up and Play Playpen with Securing Lock and Cushioned Guards, with 6 sides with mesh to maximise visibility and breathability, 142cm wide give lots of space for your little one to play. 

Playpens will often come with a base mat on which your child can play and they will generally have some sort of lockable gate to allow access. However, in some homes a playpen might not seem appropriate. Depending where your furniture is and how much space you have, a playpen might get in the way a bit. Fortunately, there is another option and you don’t even need a different product.

Most playpens will also double up as room dividers. The principle is the same, in that a barrier is created that will prevent your child from roaming into areas you don’t want them, but rather than being a complete enclosure, a room divider simply cuts off part of the room.

As mentioned above, this approach can be helpful in smaller rooms that cannot accommodate a whole playpen, but it is also of use in larger rooms as it allows you to give your child more space in which to play. In some cases, add-on panels allow you to create a room divider that is 9m long, which is certainly big enough for any home.

Solution 1: Safety Gates

Nevertheless, if you think a playpen is not the right solution for you, we would advise to look into safety gates. These are normally used for small children, babies and pets. Extra wide stair gates can give you the necessary coverage to divide the areas that you need to separate. The pressure fit gates will be probably the best choice if you can't drill the wall or leave any kind of marks.

Solution 2: Travel Cots

Another alternative if you don't have much spare room, is to use a travel cot. Travel cots are an easy way to keep your baby safe and away from potential dangers. Some of them, come with a lot of storage and useful features that a playpen does not have. Have a look at our range of Playpens, Safety Gates and Travel Cots here at BabySecurity and find the perfect solution for your home.

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