Making Electric Sockets And Plugs Child Safe

It is an unfortunate combination of facts that electric sockets are usually just a few inches off the ground, a crawling child is just a few inches off the ground, electric sockets have interesting holes in them, and small children like sticking things in interesting holes. Needless to say, keeping electric sockets child safe in the rooms where your child may be exploring is extremely important.

The quickest and simplest way of protecting your child from electric shock is by using a simple electric socket cover. These look a little like electric plugs, but are flat as they don't actually contain any cables. These push into the sockets and can't be pulled out easily by small fingers. When you need the socket you can just pop the cover off and slot the plug in.

For an even more secure solution, ideal if your child is especially inquisitive, you can actually buy lockable socket covers. These are a little like electric plugs, but they have a lock built into them which means they can only be removed with a key.

Of course it isn't just unused sockets which present a danger, since a plug or cable can easily be pulled on, and if the switch is on, the exposed metal prongs of the plug could be reached and could cause shock. Securing plugs which could be pulled on is often a good idea.

To protect the electric sockets with plugs in you can purchase a socket cover which works like a hinged box. This folds down, covering the sockets and plugs, with just enough of a gap underneath to allow the cables to come out. These socket covers then prevent access to the plugs, so that there is no risk to your child of being able to even come close to exposed cables, plugs or open sockets.

A very simple and very affordable solution is, for instance, the BabySecurity Electric Plug Socket Cover. This product is manufactured by our own brand. We listened to our customers' needs and recreated a cost-effective solution to cover one of the most common problems when it comes to child-proofing your home -socket covering.

This socket cover can be used as a child proof light switch or as a plug cover. If you use it over switches you can prevent turning off of important electrical equipment such as the fridge, freezer or your computer.

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