Retractable or Traditional Stair Gate?

What is it best, a retractable or a traditional stair gate? It is natural for your child to explore the home and safety gates will help to keep them away from dangerous places. So, you go to type baby gate into your search engine and you are hounded with pages and pages of all kinds of white barred gates. When you begin to investigate even further you come across wooden ones, different coloured ones, tall, wide and then retractable ones! You may think that it looks like an roller blind tipped on its side, but who knew that this could be another option for a baby gate. Is it even any good? What is the actual difference between the two?

Retractable Gate

Not only does the retractable baby gate look like a sideways roller blind, but it actually works like one too! The retractable gates are extremely handy to keep around the home as it’s not bulky or permanently in the way. The gates can virtually expand from nothing to a vast 130cm or more and then retract again out of sight when not in use. Almost all of the retractable gates are designed with a contemporary design or colour meaning that it will compliment any modern home. Retractable gates are typically used as a stair guard, a room divider or a pet gate and the bonus of it being retractable, you can put it back away again so that it is no longer in the way. The retractable gate is great for the modern busy family home who require the safety element but also need it to be convenient within their hectic lifestyle, meaning that you are able to move it out of the way whenever you like. Furthermore, it will look modern and not be such a bulky permanent fixture within the home. Some of the most popular retractable gates right now is the Dreambaby Retractable Gate. Read our review about this gate if you want a deeper description of how it works and what to expect from it.

Traditional Barred Stair Gates

Traditional barred stair gates may be the first option for most parents as it is what you naturally think a stair gate looks like. They are also a fantastic piece of safety equipment for your home and again there are many options which you can choose from such as wide, tall, narrow, pressure fit or wall mounted. If you are not one for DIY then a pressure fit gate may be exactly what you are looking for, why? There are no screws involved, so that means there are also no tools needed! Screw fit gates are ideal for parents who need a safety gate in a permanent position. You do not need a handyman to fit these gates, simply attach the gate to a solid surface with the included wall mounting kits, which are very simple to follow. The traditional barred stair gates are ideal for you if you are looking for a more permanent safety fixture in your home.

So really it depends on your lifestyle and how you are going to be using it. If you need a safety gate but do not want it to be so permanent and in the way, then a retractable gate may be your best option as it can work around you and your home environment. However, if you are looking for a permanent safety gate then the traditional ones may be for you. There is a vast variety of gates available to choose from, so you are bound to find one which suits your needs in your home.

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