The Importance of Getting a Breast Pump

Some new mums still wonder if they need a breast pump? That is because they don’t know what they are missing! Breast pumps can never be underestimated and every breast feeding mother should have one. There are numerous breast pumps on the market today, but it doesn’t really matter which one you get as long you get one.

We will explain you the benefits of using breast pumps. And in case it was not clear yet -yes, you need one!

Maintain an active life

A breast pump will allow you to express milk into bottles for storage when you’re not actually feeding baby.  You can also freeze breast milk for use at a later date and this will allow you to go out and catch up with friends and family without your baby and let someone else do the feeding.  It is very important to maintain a life of your own when you have given birth to a baby; it can be detrimental to your mental health to pour all of your energies into the care and comfort of your baby and not yourself.

Let dad have a go

Not with the breast pump, no!  All joking aside, it’s important to include your partner in the feeding process, because often they can feel a little alienated during the early days.  Expressing some milk into a bottle will allow them to take a turn and bond with their baby, as well as letting you do something else with your time.

Relief for encouraged breasts

Having breasts that are painful because of the amount of milk in them is very uncomfortable, and a breast pump will allow you to get some relief from this pain if your baby is sleeping soundly and you don’t want to disturb them in order to feed.  Remember that expressed breast milk is never a waste and can be frozen for use at a later date; just be sure to label it so you know when you made it. It is important however, if your baby is sleeping, to remember that they will wake up and probably want feeding, so don’t express too much milk; although you will be able to feed it to them from the bottle, you may prefer for them to have the comfort of suckling at your breast when they feed.

Stimulate milk flow

If you want to breast feed your child for as long as possible you may need to use your breast pump to stimulate milk flow when your baby isn’t feeding. If you do this, not only will you keep a constant supply of milk in the event that you are unavailable to feed, but you will also be prepared for when your baby steps up their need for more milk.

Many mothers feel inadequate when their baby demands more milk and they cannot provide it, and it is important to remember that as long as you have tried to cope with your baby’s increased demand then you have done your best and you have not failed at all.

Can you pump with breast implants?

In principle, there should not be any reason why you can’t breast pump while having breast implants, as they are supposed to function just as a normal tissue would do.

Do you take the breast pump to hospital?

Although it is not strictly necessary, if you have some spare room in your bag it could be useful. For instance, if you and your baby are separated after birth or your baby is not latching well, you could try and produce your own milk.

We hope this post about breast pumps help you see the benefits of using them to produce your milk. Have a look at our range of Breast Pumps to choose the one that best suits you.

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