The latest innovation in Baby Monitors

As technologies in mobile phones and home computers advance, so do the technologies for monitoring your children. ‘Integration’ and ‘synching’ are the current buzz-words in technological circles, and this is true in Baby Monitors too.

Baby Monitors that can be accessed from Mobile Phones and computers are the new ‘in-thing’, with manufacturers like Y-Cam, Trendnet and D-Link all manufacturing Baby Monitors that can be accessed from your iPhone, Blackberry, Laptop or home PC. Many of the monitors are connect wirelessly via your home router, making them even more convenient to install and use.

Y-cam have taken the integration to the next level, releasing a iPhone App tailored specifically to connecting to your Y-cam at home. This free app available from the App Store on any iPhone or iPod Touch, connects instantly and securely to your Y-Cam, even allowing you to view multiple locations at once.

Further integration options are offered on many Online Baby Monitors, with the ability to set email alerts when movement is detected. With many people receiving their emails on handheld devices, this is a subtle yet brilliant addition to this booming market.

Harnessing the power of the internet has given Video Baby Monitors a now unlimited range; say you are away on business in Hong Kong (or Slough, for the non-international businessmen out there), and you want to see how your child is back home in the UK. It is as simple as opening a web browser and logging in to the secure connection direct to your baby’s nursery. With some models it is even possible to hear and talk to your child from the other corner of the globe. Online IP Baby Monitors will also allow you to record your child’s precious moments to a PC or laptop, saving them for you to share later.

As with many things on the internet, there is always the question of security and safety; will anyone else be able to see my child on the internet? The simple answer is NO. The only people who will be able to see your child are the people you give the access password to. Many Online Baby Monitors support the latest developments in internet and wireless security, being compatible with many of the leading advanced encryption systems including WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK. With these measures in place, your connection between you and your child is safe, secure and unique.

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