Venicci Prams Review: Soft and Pure Collections

Our travel system experts have analysed and reviewed the Venicci prams, so that you can know exactly what you will get before buying.

Here at BabySecurity, we know that Venicci prams are one of the most sought-after products when it comes to travel systems, and are definitively a most loved product by parents. Nevertheless, before making an investment of this type, it is normal to wonder why they are so highly regarded and what you can actually expect from them.

First of all, please note that all Venicci prams come within travel systems bundles and are not sold separately. This means that you get a pram and a pushchair on the same package. Also a car seat, depending of the bundle that you go for. This is an efficient way to save money and space.

The Venicci Travel Systems come in 7-piece, 9-piece, 10 piece, 11-piece or 12-piece bundles. The difference between them is that from 9-piece bundles you get a car seat, while with the 7 piece one you will not. On top of that, the bigger bundles come with an ISO fix adapter.

The 3 in 1 travel systems contain 9, 10, 11 or 12 items and the 2 in 1 systems contain up to 7 items.

If you buy the 3 in 1 you will get the car seat that can be used up to 10kg. This is compatible to use on the frame with adaptors included, but you can also purchase additional adaptors for the bigger brand car seats such as Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Cabriofix and Citi SPS. The car seat is made in the same colour as the carrycot and pushchair.

The Venicci bundle comes in 2 boxes. The first one includes the chassis and wheels. The second box contains the carrycot, seat unit, and the accessories. If you purchase the 3 in 1 bundle, then the car seat would be included in this box as well.

Soft and Pure Venicci Pram Collections

The travel systems can be used from birth up to 6 months with the pram and up to 3 years for the pushchair.

The most popular models of the Venicci range of prams and pushchairs are the Soft range and the Pure range.

The main difference between the Soft and the Pure Venicci ranges can be found on the design. The soft has a more basic design and comes with a light apron, whereas on the Pure you have the white carrycot base with quilted fabric (footmuff).

As the models are pretty similar, our review is suitable for both models.

Venicci Prams Review

This pram’s total weight is 9.9 kg. Its dimensions are L79 cm x W36 cm x H20 cm.

You will normally use the pram mode until your baby is approximately 6 months old.  

To assemble the pram you will need the chassis, the carrycot and the hood. Now what you need to do is assemble it. Instructions are pretty straight-forward and easy.

You attach the wheels to the frame first by pushing them into the chassis. Then to assemble the pram, take the carrycot and place the rods under the mattress to make it stand up, or if going straight onto the seat unit, the hood and bumper bar need attaching. The hood just slides on to the side of the seat unit, so not difficult to install.

The chassis is 5.5 kg so relatively easy to move around and is made on an aluminium material. The carrycot is easy to put up and down and it sits on the frame securely. In size, it is not the most lightweight pram you will find, but it is sturdy, reliable and resistant while very easy to drive. It is easy to fold into the car.


The handlebar can be adjusted in height by clicking the buttons at either end so it is easy to use both for taller and smaller drivers. The handlebar can be adjusted from 75cm right up to 110cm. On the handle, you can clip the bag on or you can use it for your shopping bags as well.


Regarding the materials, the carrycot is lined with a light, soft cotton that is removable should you need to give it a wash (it includes a mattress without cover).

The fabrics a special water-repellent impregnation designed to keep your child safe in different weather conditions. The liner of the seat unit incorporates a zip to attach the included apron to. It is like a light footmuff in a super soft material. In cold weather, an additional blanket or warm clothing would still be required. 

Another interesting nice touch to the carrycot is that it can be tilted up, which is nice if you have a reflux baby.


Nevertheless, one of the most outstanding features of this pram is the suspension system and wheels. The wheels on the Venicci are pretty large, with 23cm on the front and 28cm on the back.

They are air wheels, not foam. This means that they are capable of taking on the rougher terrain. Because of this, it's lovely to push and is very manoeuvrable with swivel wheels on the front.

There is a dial at the top of each front wheel that is used to lock the wheels. These are clearly labelled as to which way to turn for lock or swivel. As the brake is a ‘press on, press off' pedal style, it's really easy to apply and is situated in the middle of the rear of the chassis for easy access.


The storage underneath is a large size basket. It fits your changing bag and a few shopping bags. There's also a handy mesh pocket on the back of the seat unit so that you can keep your essentials close to you. 


When it comes to driving, the suspension is good and the large air tyres on the Venicci make and smooth ride your baby or toddler.

In pram mode, the carrycot is attached to the chassis with a simple click. To detach it, just depress the red buttons at the sides of the chassis. You will be ready to swap it to your stroller mode.

Venicci Stroller Review

The total weight of this stroller is 10.3 kg.

All parts on the Venicci stroller and chassis that can be moved around. The seat unit can be added to the chassis either parent or world facing (rear wards or face wards).

To switch from pram into stroller you will need to press two buttons at the sides at the same time, where the carrycot connects to the frame and then pull the carrycot up and clear of the chassis. When we tried this ourselves it was a bit hard to to reach over the wide carrycot and push both buttons simultaneously while lifting, so it might be helpful to have an extra pair of hands to do this.

As the seat back fully reclines, it offers a lovely flat surface for a sleeping child. To recline, there is a lever half way down the back of the seat unit and there are 3 positions from flat to upright.

The hood is considerably larger than other models, so it keeps the child completely covered and can be extended further via a zip. This keeps the child fully in the shade even when the seat is fully reclined. It also features a little pop out sun visor to keep the sun completely away.

The material is all UPF 50+, so you can rest easy that any harmful sun rays will be kept from your baby.


The seat of the stroller is 48 cm high, which is quite an average size. It should be fine for children up to 3 years or 15 kg.

A standard 5-point safety harness is on the seat unit, with a traditional buckle fastening, rather than the button style that is featured in other strollers. This provides more safety, as children will have it more difficult if trying to take off the harness. With 2 height settings on the straps and 2 for the crotch, it adjusts from baby to toddler and can be lengthened to accommodate.  

In order to fold the seat unit, it needs to be attached in world facing mode. Then you press the two buttons at the sides of the handle and recline up the position where you want it to get. Finally, clip on the lock to secure it in place.


As in the pram mode, in stroller version it is easy to steer thanks to is suspension system and air filled wheels. Also, the big wheels of this travel system will help you move easily around public transport if you need to, as you will be able to get on and off the tube minding the gap between platform and train.


Regarding accessories, the travel systems include a changing bad, an apron, a rain cover, a mosquito net, a cup holder and car seat adapters if you buy the car seat pack (the 3 in 1).

You can buy separately a Venicci parasol, which is available in black, cream, denim blue, white and denim grey.

Venicci Travel System 3 in 1 Review

In a nutshell, our review of the 3 in 1 Travel System by Venicci proves that is a luxury pushchair that combines style and convenience.

Venicci prams are good value for money, especially when compared to Silver Cross and other similar brands. Also, it comes with quite a few extras and accessories which add more value to the bundle.

After reviewing the product, we think that the look and design of the Venicci prams is definitely another advantage. It has a smart finish and is made on top quality materials.

The suspension system of this pram is absolutely top-notch. The wheels feature the Direction memory System, which is a system that prevents the front wheels from spinning, locking the these locks when tilting the pram back. Thanks to this, the Venicci prams are easier to steer than other models like the Uppababy Vista, while being utterly robust.

Here at BabySecurity we absolutely love Venicci prams, not only the Soft and Pure ranges, but the entire Venicci prams collection really. Have a look at it to find the colour and features that best suit your needs.

Venicci travel systems

Venicci is a brand that has been on the market since 2011 and nowadays are one of the most popular manufacturers of baby travel systems. The materials used feels of a nice quality and the technology used for the wheels and suspension systems are latest technology.

Where are Venicci prams made?

Opposite to popular belief, Venicci prams are made in Poland, not in Italy.

We hope this Venicci prams review has been helpful to you if you are interested on purchasing the product for your baby. You can buy Venicci prams at BabySecurity. If you have any questions our dedicated customer service team will be glad to help.

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