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Electrical Safety

Child Electrical safety: you would be shocked at how easy it is to forget the basics!
Protecting small fingers from the dangers of electric sockets and plugs is extremely important, and to help safeguard small children there are a range of socket covers and plug guards. From very simple socket covers which plug in to the socket, preventing access, to lockable socket guards which require a key, blocking off access costs from just a few pence per socket.
But the danger is also present where sockets are being used, and have electrical items plugged in to them. In these cases use a hinged socket cover which stops children from pulling on the cables and plugs, potentially exposing the metal parts of the plug.
Plug sockets are very inviting to small children and before you know it your little one could easily have poked a finger or object into a socket, with possibly frightening results. Available as a plug-in type for inserting directly into individual 3-pin sockets or lockable covers for entire 2-way wall units, socket protectors are very cheap to buy and ensure safety for your child and peace for mind for you.