When inserting adapters into both parent and baby units/cameras, take care not to insert at an angle or to apply undue force as this can damage pins and components inside the unit leading to your monitor being unable to charge. When not in use, the adapter should be removed with care and not at an angle.

Ensure that you only use the supplied or approved replacement power adapter for each unit. Some smart phone power adapters, whilst appearing similar in shape and size, must not be used as an alternative for the adapters supplied.

Like any equipment that facilitates mains power, the adapters must be treated with care to avoid harm to both the monitor and yourself. Trying to bend or stretch the adapter to extremes can cause internal breakages and expose wiring.

Be sure to set up your monitor with enough room for the cable to remain in the unit safely without pressure being applied from walls, bedframes or other items that may be in close proximity to the monitor.

Only the supplied or approved replacement batteries should be used in our monitors. Batteries with similar looking connections must not be used in any instance as this can break the terminals and cause hazardous electrical damage.

Monitors should be charged for 16 hours before initial use to ensure a full charge. The battery should then be recharged once fully depleted. Batteries should be charged fully and allowed to deplete fully before being placed on charge in order to sustain the longevity of battery life. When not adhering to this charging regime, the battery’s ability to hold charge will reduce over time.

In order to further increase the battery life, many monitors come with an ECO or VOX mode. This allows the monitor to continue operating with the parent unit screen turned off, only activating when sound is detected. Using video monitors without this function will result in much shorter battery life as the screen remains powered.

Physical Care

Both parent and baby units must be kept away from sources of heat such as radiators in order to avoid both internal and external damage to the unit. Items damaged due to extreme heat are not covered by warranty. All parts of the monitor must be kept away from water or moisture at all times.

A selection of our monitors come equipped with a belt clip allowing the parent unit to be kept with you as you move around the house. Ensure that care is taken when carrying the monitor in this way as pressure applied to the screen or housing of the unit can cause irreparable damage which is not covered by warranty.

Monitors which feature cameras can often be manipulated on the supplied stand to point in the direction required. Please read the instructions for your monitor carefully before adjusting the camera or parent unit as over extension beyond that which the system is designed for can cause the unit to snap.

Damage caused by physical shock to the product is not covered by warranty. We will not accept responsibility for faults caused by dropping or misuse.


The parent unit and baby unit must not be placed close together when in use as this can cause audio feedback, damaging the speakers and microphones on both units.