Dreambaby Chelsea Tall 100cm Gate Extension - White

Dreambaby Chelsea Tall 100cm Gate Extension - White


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  • Attaches onto Dreambaby Extra Tall White Safety Gate
  • Extends gate with an extra 100cm
  • Pressure fit
  • Extra tall at 1M to match against gate and provide extra security
  • Allows you to block areas of your home to protect your baby

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Product Description

Product Description

If your hallway, stairway or opening is too wide for a safety gate, then Dreambaby have the perfect solution for you, your baby and your home. The Dreambaby Chelsea Tall 100cm Extension in White provides you with an extension that fits onto the Chelsea Tall Safety Gate, and adds an extra 100cm onto your safety gate, meaning you can fit this into any opening within your home, to make it as safe and secure as possible for your little one.

The Deambaby 100cm extension is pressure mounted which means there is no need for drilling or screws and leaving no marks or holes in your walls. Adding on an extension is a great help if you have an opening that is too large.

Safety gates are a very important part of at-home safety. They provide safe and secure boundaries for your child, preventing them from entering potentially dangerous or unsupervised areas of the home and making sure they are fitted properly and securely is essential.

It is made of strong material that will withhold pressure of a struggling child against it with out giving way or bending.The smooth white finish matches the original gate so when installed you can hardly tell it is an "add-on" feature and continues the stylish image in your home. It is simple to install and set up without causing any damage to your home just like the original gate promised aswell.


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Product Specification

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