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Dreambaby Electrical Cord Shortener

Dreambaby Electrical Cord Shortener

SKU: BSR7343
SKU: BSR7343

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  • Easy to install
  • Also prevents tripping hazards
  • Manufacturers Product Code: F137

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Product Description

Product Description

The Dreambaby Electrical Cord Shortener is designed to help prevent long, dangling electrical cords, from household applicances to lamps, out of the reach of children, to prevent your children from the risk of injury.

This product is designed to be a discrete simple soloution to long tangled cables all over your home, it improves the look and helps to keep your house tidy. 

Specifially useful in offices, bedrooms and living rooms where a lot of electrical devices are live at once. It provides a safe alternative to not tripping over and children getting wrapped up in cables. This can be specifically dangerous when children are playing in their rooms that they could get wrapped up in these wires and potentially damage their airways and restrict their movement causing panic and distress.

They are super easy to use and install making them an easy feature in your home.

A Product Specification

Product Specification

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