Emmay Whatlock Magnetic Lock 4 Locks 1 key

Emmay Whatlock Magnetic Lock 4 Locks 1 key

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Product Description

Product Description

Emmay Whatlock Mag Lock - Childproof Magnetic Locks For Drawer or Cupboard is a great child safety cupboard lock for use in any room of the house. Magetic Locks are the most unique baby security locks on the market today. Magnetic Lock is an ultra-secure magnetically operated cabinet and drawer lock designed to make it virtually impossible for children to open cabinets and drawers containing unsafe items.

Mag Lock is totally concealed and only opens with the patented, very powerful, magnetic key. These mag locks cannot be opened with refrigerator magnetics.

Fitting Mag Locks is easy. Simply align the magnetic key on the front of the door with the mag lock and your cupboard is unlocked. Close the door and it will be locked again! No awkward latches to find, even visitors will be able to open them if they have the key. Magnetic locks are totally invisible from outside the cupboard - and there are no keyholes to be cut. Screw holes are only needed on the inside to fix the lock and striker in place.

Mag Lock can be disabled. If protection is no longer required, temporarily or permanently, simply flip the 'holdback' bar on the back of the mag lock to stop the lock from locking.
This pack contains 1 Key and 4 Mag Locks.

  • Completely hidden
  • Helps secure cabinets & drawers
  • Magnetic lock sare easy to use
  • Suitable for use on top or side of most cabinets
  • Suitable for most drawers

Whatlock Mag Lock Key Demonstration Video

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Customer Reviews (31)
Clever and useful product.
Review by Alex (Posted on 11/02/2013)
We were not sent these - a replacement was received as they were not available. Therefore, cannot express opinion either way.
Review by Martin (Posted on 17/12/2012)
not that easy to install but great once installed
Review by Judith (Posted on 24/08/2012)
not that easy to install but great once installed
Review by Judith (Posted on 24/08/2012)
Good package price.
Review by Kirsty (Posted on 02/03/2012)
these are a little fiddly to install but work amazingly and are completely hidden
have bought a second packet
would be good if the magnet keys could be sold separately please

Review by Alison (Posted on 25/02/2012)
Excellent product. Easy to fit with the instruction and the very clever templates. locks work very well and are invisible in use.
Review by Fred (Posted on 04/02/2012)
my wife is a child minder and the product is much more suitable than bendable plastic door catches we had before, as i have to fit them yet, i cannot comment further.
Review by Andrew (Posted on 04/10/2011)
Excellent and very secure once fitted. Difficult and time consuming to fit. Could do with choice of drilling templates for different door/drawer configurations - we had to improvise!

Review by Richard (Posted on 27/09/2011)
Haven't fitted them yet, but after examining the locks, they look straightforward to install and easy to operate.
Review by Keith (Posted on 16/09/2011)
Once you have spent hours trying to fit these locks are brilliant, but beware, not that easy to fit, instructions are useless! If you have the patience and DIY skills then they are great!
Review by Customer (Posted on 18/07/2011)
Used to secure drawers and cupboards in kitchen. Easy to fit on most drawers (shallow drawers can be a problem). Would recommend.
Review by Michael (Posted on 09/06/2011)
Brilliant idea. Had a bit of a problem with the first lock, the paper sticky fixing plate did not transfer onto the door as it should, but we found when doing the rest not to press it to tightly to the door frame. Apart from this it works great and when our grand daughter is not here we can just put the locks into unlock mode very very easily.
Review by Geraldine (Posted on 20/05/2011)
Excellent - impossible for little ones to figure out
Review by Caroline (Posted on 19/05/2011)
Review by Trevor (Posted on 25/02/2011)
Screws supplied were useless (had to make a visit to B&Q for better alternatives). Reccommend you drill pilot holes first.
Review by Andrew (Posted on 10/02/2011)
Great Product let down by the poor quality screws and less than clear instructions.
Review by Eileen (Posted on 23/12/2010)
Fantastic product - easy to install and very effective. Tip: we put little stickers on the outside of the door / drawer to remind ourselves of where the locks are to prevent having to randomly wave the magnet around in order to open the door / drawer.
Review by Peta (Posted on 09/12/2010)
Brilliant. Much easier than the traditional door catches and perfect for the drawers under the worktop where there wasn't room to fit the traditional catch. However you need 2 hands to open the drawer (1 to hold magnet in place and one to pull drawer) and they didn't fit on a few cupboards due to the size of the cupboard handle which would then be in the way of the magnet.
So a great idea and perfect in many ways but be warned that they don't solve all the problems!

Review by Ruth (Posted on 09/12/2010)
good quality.A must for childreni safty
Review by Archie (Posted on 02/12/2010)

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