Gate Picker
Gate Picker

Which stair gate to choose?

How wide does your safety gate need to be?
  1. Measure the distance at the top of your doorway (around 75cm from the floor)
  2. Measure the distance at the bottom of your doorway
  3. Enter the measurements below
Gate Picker
Smallest Width: , Largest Width:

Not sure which gate is the best fit for your home? Use our baby gate picker tool to find the right gate at the perfect size to keep your home safe.

All you need to do is enter the measurements of the space you want to use your stair gate in. For instance, it could be the width of the bannister to the wall, a door space or whatever other space you need to fill. No matter how wide or narrow.

You will see in just a couple of seconds which stair gate is best to suit the width you are looking for.

In your selection, the gate picker might offer you pressure fit as well as retractable and extendable stair gates.

In the unlikely event that we do not have a gate suiting your specific needs, remember that most stairs have extensions available as well.

You can also browse all of our available safety gates from top brands in the market.