Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger, Water Ionizer & Purification System

Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger, Water Ionizer & Purification System

Heaven Fresh
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  • Create your own pure mountain spring water
  • Easy to read LCD control panel
  • Filter your water straight into a glass

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Product Description

Product Description

The HeavenFresh AK-900 AquaCharger water ionizer and purification system produces super tasting water. The futuristic unit from heavenfresh offers adjustable pH and -ve oxidation reduction potential (ORP) Levels. It is stylishly designed with a large colour screen and equipped with platinum coated titanium ionizing plates as well as a 2-stage 1 micron filter with 12000L capacity. It DOES NOT require any professional help for instillation.

Now you can replicate fresh, pure, energized mountain stream water with the Heaven Fresh Aqua Charger / Ionizer and Water Purification System. Ionized water is very pure due to the multi-stage filter and the ionizer process which increases the healthy alkaline minerals while also reducing the unhealthy acidic minerals. While many ionizers use similar technologies, the Aqua Charger Ak-900 can automatically adjust ionizer and alkalinity levels at very high or very low rates of water flow, something few other ionizers can do.

  • That means less waiting time for drinking or for cooking. 
  • Heaven Fresh is also the world pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system.
  • Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between 250 ~ -400MV
  • Large LCD display of ORP and PH valueModule design
  • Self cleaning mode, 
  • High reliability, 
  • Easy installation & maintenance

A Product Specification

Product Specification

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