Heaven Fresh HF 707 Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Ionic Humidifier in Silver

Heaven Fresh HF 707 Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Ionic Humidifier in Silver

Heaven Fresh

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Product Description

Product Description

Heaven Fresh HF 707 Ultrasonic Humidifier creates helps create a comfortable environment for you to relax and enjoy. The HF 707 use new technology to be able to product both cool and warm mist ideal for warming a rooms throughout the winter or humidifying a room through the dry summer.

The HF 70 has a sleek design with and LCD screen on the front with a remote control allowing you to select your humidity levels, there is also a built in hygrostat that will ensure the room is kept to your selected preference of humidity.

 Inside the Humidifier there is a built in rechargeable Nano-Silver filter that helps to filter out dust, mould and bacteria in the air the Negative Ionizer helps to split the water vapour creating an ultra-fine mist while also breaking down air pollutants.

The HF 707 has a large capacity 6 litre water tank that’s easy to fill, its high moisture out putt can easy fill a room up to 40m² (430ft²) and will last up to 25 hours the equivalent of 3 nights constant use. The advanced technology within the humidifier produces a cool soothing mist that uses 85%-90% less electricity than normal steam production.


  • Ultrasonic water vapour creates a comforting environment
  • Built in ceramic Nano-silver filter purifies the air
  • Cleans the air of dust, mould bacteria and viruses
  • 6 litre easy to fill water tank that last 25 hours
  • Permanent filter is easy to take a part and clean
  • Easily humidify a room up to 40m² (430ft²)
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable humidity level
  • Hygrostat maintains you selected preference
  • Sleek stylish design
  • LCD control screen


A Product Specification

Product Specification

Weight3.479 kg
Water Tank Capacity (L)6

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