Heaven fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Air Purifier

Heaven fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Air Purifier

Heaven Fresh
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Product Description

Product Description

Heaven Fresh HF310A Air Purifier helps to ensure that the air you live in is clean and fresh throughout the day. The HF310a uses 5 levels of purification to cleanse the air with a room measuring 500 ft² every hour silently and without any disturbance.

The sleek and compact design ensures that the purifier fits within any room in the home without looking out of place. The air purifier uses smart sensors built in to the filter to detect dust mould and spores within the air this then activates the 5 levels of filtration.

The first level is the ionizer which uses negative ions to break up airborne pollutants into to smaller chunks for the HEPA filter the second level to filter the pollutants.  

The air is then passed through a carbon filter carbon filter which removes stubborn odours such as smoke and pet smells, the next stage is the germicidal UV light that kills bacteria and viruses to help prevent illness such as colds and flu.


  • Helps clean the air within a room             
  • Sleek design ensures it blends in to the room
  • Filters the air with a 500ft² once an hour
  • 5 levels of purification
  • HEPA Filter last up to  a year
  • Carbon filter removes stubborn odours
  • Germicidal UV lamp helps kill viruses and bacteria
  • Ionizer helps remove airborne particulates
  • Whisper quiet low power consumption


A Product Specification

Product Specification

BrandHeaven Fresh
Weight7.099 kg

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