Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF380A Air Purifier

Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF380A Air Purifier

Heaven Fresh
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  • Keeps the air fresh and free from bacteria
  • 7 unique leading technologies to remove pollutants
  • Carbon filter and has a 99.97% efficiency rating

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Product Description

Product Description

Heaven Fresh HF380A Air Purifier has been designed using advance technology to keep the air you live in clean and fresh and free from any bacteria or allergens. The HF 380A has built in sensors to detect any particulates within the air and has seven different leading technologies to remove virtually all pollutants.

The First stage of purification is the washable pre-filter, this filter removes large particulates such as hair or large dust particles.

The Second stage of filtration is the electrostatic plasma array, this removes micro particles using a magnetic field and collects the particles on a washable collection grid, this also helps extend the life of your HEPA filter.

The Third Stage is an activated honeycomb carbon filter that will remove domestic odours including smoke, body & pet odours and also airborne gases such as NOx and formaldehyde's.

Stage Four HEPA Filter (High-efficiency particulate absorption) will help to prevent further odour when used with the carbon filter and has a 99.97% efficiency rating.

Stage Five is a UV activated filter which will trap and kill a range of particulates including; Bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, formaldehyde's, ammonia and VOCs, this helps clean the air.

After the air has been filtered through the five stages it is then released from the back of the purifier to give you a clean environment to live in. The purifier has two sensors on the front which detect both dust and irritant particles that are sitting in the air, there is also an oduor sensor  this actively monitors the air and cleans it accordingly.

The HF380A comes complete with an infra-red remote ideal for you to control the purifier as you like to suit your needs, the system is easy to take a part and to clean and is all explained within the handbook.

A Product Specification

Product Specification

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