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Hippychick Baby Sense Cuddle Wrap in Stone

Hippychick Baby Sense Cuddle Wrap in Stone


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  • The ultimate swaddling blanket
  • No tabs, velcro or fasteners
  • Non age-specific

Product Description

Product Description

Hippy Chick Cuddle wrap has been designed as the ultimate swaddling blanket for a new baby. The shape is perfect for a snug fit with a shaped neck area cut out so that the arms can be tightly wrapped near to the body and face. The deep hug of the stretchy cotton ensures that the baby feels as cosy as those last days in the womb.

Why swaddle:

  • Sleep – The evidence is overwhelming that babies who are swaddled sleep longer and better. Swaddling inhibits the immature startle reflex, which disrupts sleep.
  • Calm – Deep pressure is calming which is why swaddled babies cry significantly less. Swaddling is thus an excellent solution for a colicky baby.
  • Feeding – Difficult feeders, especially those who fight at the breast, tend to feed better with more coordinated sucks and swallows when they are swaddled (Journal of Human Lactation, 2001)
How to swaddle:
  • Lie your baby with their neck on the cut out section of the Cuddlewrap
  • Fold up the lower tip of the Cuddlewrap
  • Wrap your baby, her hand positioned near her face with the short side of the Cuddlewrap
  • Wrap her other arm near hear face against the body and continue to wrap right round your baby with the elongated side of the Cuddlewrap

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