Kidsleep Child Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock - Blue

Kidsleep Child Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock - Blue

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  • Helps to ease your child into starting the day
  • Built in alarm clock with a bird song alarm
  • LCD screen displays the time with easy buttons

Product Description

Product Description

Kid' Sleep Child Alarm Clock, Wake Up Indicator and Night Light Kid'sleep works by showing children in a simple, easy-to-understand way when it is time for them to get up, and when they should be staying in bed. When the child wakes up they simply look at the clock face - and the lit image on it will either show a sleeping animal (time to go back to sleep!) or a wide-awake animal (time to get up!).

  • Kids Sleep Wake-up Time Indicator - 2 1/2 to 8 years - The sleeping rabbit shows the child when it is too early to get up. When the rabbit stands up, the child knows that it is okay to get up!
  • Night Light - for Toddlers Kids Sleep also works as a traditional night light.
  • Alarm Clock for older children - Kid'Sleep can also be used as a simple alarm clock. Older children will love waking up to birdsong!
  • Decorative interchangable displays.

How the Child benefit from Kids Sleep:

  • It's fun - the images are fun and interchangeable.
  • Nights are longer for all - the child learns to go back to sleep again when it sees that its little firend is still asleep.
  • Comforting - the Kid'sleep give it confidence on deciding when it should get up. The child is no longer fearful of its parents' first look: did I do the right thing getting up or not?
  • Replaces the traditional night light in a playful way, from birth through to school age.

How the Parents Benefit:

  • Educational - helps the child to take decisions and carry them out
  • Very Simple Principle - easy to explain and quickly understandable for a young child.
  • Great value for money - 3 products in 1!
  • The Child Sleeps Longer and is therefore in a better mood all day!
  • Makes the Night Longer for the child but also for the parents.

The 3 Functions of the Kid-Sleep: Sleep Aid, Night Light and Alarm Clock

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Customer Reviews (5)
Good quality product, a little non-intuitive and not kid proof, but seems to do the job and keep our little girl happy!
Review by C (Posted on 28/09/2012)
I bought it for my youngest grand daughter.
Review by Sheryl (Posted on 10/05/2012)
It feels a bit plastic and cheap and you only get one other disc with it. I thought it was very expensive for what it was and I would have liked to see a bigger clock on it to actually help the kids learn about the time at the same time.
Other than that it does work and my kids seem to like having the reassurance that it is 'morning time'.

Review by Fraser (Posted on 25/03/2011)
Difficult to set at first - clock face very small - but works well
Review by Anne (Posted on 13/01/2011)
Excellent quality
Review by Betty (Posted on 01/09/2010)

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