Lascal KiddyGuard Retractable Safety Gate 30-130cm

Lascal KiddyGuard Retractable Safety Gate 30-130cm

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Product Description

Product Description

Lascal KiddyGuard Retractable Stair Gate 30-130 cm will fit openings form 30cm narrow up to 130 cm wide without extensions. Kiddyguard one handed operation gives parental control of toddler safety near stairs. Kiddyguard is a roller blind style baby gate that recoils completely when not in use yet provide an effective child safety barrier.KiddyGuard Safety Gate can be used where extra narrow, extra wide or screw fitted stair gates are required with the added advantage of no trip bar. There is no other baby safety gate on the market like the Kiddyguard Retractable!

Kiddyguard is easy for an adult to operate single-handed. It has a unique toddler-proof catch for security, locks open or closed. Kiddy Guard Retractable gate can withstand an impact of 100 kg. It wipes clean and is easy to mount, the Lascal KiddyGuard can extend to protect openings up to 130 cm wide.

Lascal Kiddyguard baby gate comes with wall fittings, however extra banister fittings and accessories are available from BabySecurity if required.

  • KiddyGuard Roller Gate needs minimum space - out of sight when not in use.
  • Kiddy guard no trip bars eliminates trip hazards
  • Lascal Kiddy guard Retractable baby gate is easy to use for adults
  • Unique Kiddy Guard single-handed unique toddler-proof catch for security
  • Kiddy Guard Locks open or closed
  • Kiddy Guard can withstand an impact of 100 kg
  • Lascal recommend use for infants up to 24 months old
  • Wipes clean
  • Easy to mount
  • KiddyGuard can be extended up to 130 cm wide
  • Roller Blind gate height approx 80 cm
  • Total gate height approx 88 cm
  • Easy to fix - Can be fixed in or beside openings. Fttings included for mounting onto different surfaces, please check installation instructions below for full details.

Please double check all width requirements BEFORE ordering.

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Customer Reviews (42)
Product came highly recommended from other mum friends

Review by alison (Posted on 22/02/2011)
We use this at the top of our stairs once our six year old daughter has gone to bed. She is notorious for wondering around during the night and early morning and having this type of gate gives us peace of mind that she isn't going to fall down the stairs. She has worked out how to open all the other stair gates we have fitted, this one she can't open because you have to release a three step button switch at one end and pull the gate out of its catches on the other at the same time. Very complicated for a child and a knack for an adult but as I said it gives us peace of mind.
It was expensive but well worth it.

Review by Georgie (Posted on 18/02/2011)
I woul highly recommend this product it is safe and can be easily rolled back when not in use..
Review by Simon (Posted on 17/02/2011)
excellent product compared to other baby gates for an awkward space but unfortunately doesn't solve our particular problem!
Review by Joanna (Posted on 14/02/2011)
Very impressed
Review by Russell (Posted on 13/02/2011)
This product is great at the top of our stairs as their is limted room to have a swinging gate.
Although expensive this product is worth the money.

Review by Leigh (Posted on 11/02/2011)
excellent quality product using it on a wide stairway in a public community building.
Review by Vicky (Posted on 07/02/2011)
I have the Retractable Safety Gate at the bottom and top of the stairs. My little boy has special needs and has just learnt to climb the stairs. This is obviously an important milestone but I need to control when he decides to go up the stairs. The traditional gate with the bar is too restrictive as the bar itself is permanently in the way. The retractable gate solves this problem and gives me the control I need.

My only criticism is that you do need 2 hands to operate the safety catch (unless I'm not doing it right!) and the blind doesn't always retract smoothly and neatly. Other than that a fab product that I would recommend.

Review by Karen (Posted on 07/02/2011)
Used the product across awkward gap on loft conversion stairs.

Much better than conventional stairgate.

Review by melanie (Posted on 05/02/2011)
Great product and we installed at the top of the stairs. It is more compact removing the normal trip hazzard with a fixed gate, but still reboust. The ratchet noise is the only design flaw during the nightime.
Review by MARC (Posted on 27/01/2011)
Top notch sevice
Review by Sinclair (Posted on 24/01/2011)
This isn't 1 handed operation, but we use it between our open plan kitchen and dinning room and it is perfect. Easy installation, and unobtrusive once our daughter is in bed!
Review by Katie (Posted on 14/01/2011)
We are really happy with the retractable safety gate as it is practical for us as a normal safety gate would be in the way.the rollerblind idea is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this product to all parents/grandparents who need a gate but discreet plus it's easy to use as you can open and close with one hand.
Review by Ayoob (Posted on 13/01/2011)
Quick delivery. Excellent product. Good price. Thank you!
Review by Dimitar (Posted on 13/01/2011)
Good product.
Review by Scott (Posted on 12/01/2011)
Had these for five years - very flexible in terms of fitment and much more convenient when not in use than other stairgates. Managed to tear mine by being lazy and continually climbing over it rather than rolling it back - so these are great as long as you are not as lazy as me .....
Review by ADRIAN (Posted on 06/01/2011)
Fits the gap, once you get used to the way the thing works then it is fine, though one handed operation is not _entirely_ true as I find it hard to disengage the bottom hook when releasing the gate, unless i use two hands... then it's relatively easy. does the job i bought it for admirably.
Review by Barbara (Posted on 06/01/2011)
I have not seen the item installed and therefore cannot assess it. As it seems impossible to leave the site without clicking on the Stars I will oblige.
Review by Malcolm (Posted on 01/01/2011)
A bit tricky to set up, at first, but does the job
Review by Gavin (Posted on 30/12/2010)
This product worked perfectly for an awkward stair case in our house. The installation was very easy. My only complaint is that the roller mechanism is very noisy and it takes two hands to operate which makes it difficult if you are carrying a child.
Review by Joseph (Posted on 10/12/2010)

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