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LED TV Screen Guard 45" 47"

LED TV Screen Guard 45" 47"

Screen Protector TV Screen Guard
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Product Description

Product Description

Screen Protector LCD/Plasma TV Screen Protector.  Screen Protector is simple to attach, manufactured from Crystal Clear, Optical Grade Acrylic, Screen Protector will protect your TV from flying objects such as Toys, Nintendo Wii Controllers and Balls.  Screen Protector will also protect from scratches, crayons and splashes, all without affecting picture quality.  Most People are unaware of how fragile a Plasma TV or LCD TV screen is, just one impact can cause irreparable damage to your Television.  Screen Protector is specifically designed to protect from such impacts.

Screen Protector is easy to attach and clean with velcro straps that hold the Screen Protector securely around your Television.  Felt Pads provide a cushion between the Screen Protector and your Television, protecting the facia of your television and allowing Screen Protector to flex and absorb the impact of flying objects.

Screen Protector is available in 6 Sizes to suit your TV.

Actual Dimension of Screen Protector Screens

  • TV Size inch         Width cm     Depth cm        
  • 30-32                  76             80
  • 35-37                  91.5          58
  • 40-42                  100           64
  • 45-47                  115           70
  • 48-52                  122.5         74
  • 53-54                  125           75 

Please note to order the correct size for your television.

NB: This item will be delivered direct from the manufacturer.

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