Lindam Toddler Runner Backpack and Reins

Lindam Toddler Runner Backpack and Reins

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Product Description

Product Description

Lindam Toddler Runner Backpack is ideal for Children learning to take their first steps as well as making excursions safe and enjoyable. The sturdy supporting handle allows you to keep a reassuring grip on your child and assists balance in those early stages. The handle can also be used when your child is a little older and requires some extra support when learning to ride a bike or roller skate.

The Lindam Toddler Runner rein has a comfortable parental wrist strap and can be locked into place with the snap hook fastener. This is ideal for keeping your child close by your side in busy environments.

  • From their very first steps to 4 years old!
  • The perfect aid for safety, balance and support
  • Fun, colourful, stylish back pack
  • Fully adjustable
  • Removable reins
  • Belt pouch
  • Safety reflectors
  • Supporting handle
  • Name & Address label

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Customer Reviews (3)
Am not the user/recipient but was well received on the day evidently
Review by linda (Posted on 12/01/2013)
This is a great product and makes you feel really in control of your run away toddler.
The only negatives are that the pack rides up a little and that the rein can get tangled if the child turns too quickly, but my son loves the fact that he can have small toys in the backpack.
In the case of new walkers, I would advise really light items as they aren't used to the weight.

Review by Joanne (Posted on 11/06/2012)
I have been childminding for over 6 years now, and together with an assistant I have cared for up to 6 under five year olds. I have found my backpacks to be an essential part of my 'outing' kit. They are just the job to move children between the need for close contact supervision as they learn to manage risks for themselves.

Children react better to wearing backpacks, than they do to reigns. The grab handle at the top, is great for unstable surfaces,in an emergency or to steady a child during a near stumble. (reigns have no such option as when you pull hard on reigns, children will tip forward.

The wrist strap can be held loosely at all times, allowing children to feel independent whilst I am confident of their safety. When reaching safer destinations ie on park, it can be neatly tucked inside the backpack, allowing children to be free to play.

The bright colours of the backpack allow for quick and easy identification of your group whilst children mingle amongst other children.

In a word, 6 years use leads me to say FANTASTIC ;o)

Review by Debbie (Posted on 16/02/2011)

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