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Luvion Platinum Baby Monitor 2.4"

Luvion Platinum Baby Monitor 2.4"

Luvion Monitor
SKU: BSR4157

RRP: £149.99


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  • Plug and play within 2 minutes
  • 2.4" High Definition LCD screen
  • Connect up to 4 wireless cameras (sold separately)
  • 200m Range with 5m Automatic NightVision

Product Description

Product Description

Luvion Platinum Digital Video Baby Monitor 2.5" - Since launch the Luvion Platinum has proved to be our most popular and reliable colour baby monitor. Luvion Digital Baby Monitor is very easy to use and extendable to 4 cameras. Luvion was designed in Europe and cutting edge technology and easy-to-use functions the Luvion Platinum Premium Digital Video Baby Monitor by Luvion is without doubt one of the best baby monitors in the world.Luvion Platinum Baby Monitor is manufactured with the highest quality components and is stylish and functional at the same time. Video Images of your baby are streamed at 25-30 Frames per Second making it suitable for connection to your TV


  • Encoded signal between the parent unit for complete privacy
  • Wi-Fi Friendly Data Lock Encoding stops interference from Wi-Fi
  • 200m Range in optimum condition.
  • Auto Scan
  • TV/Av cable included
  • Automatic Best Channel Selector for continuous transmission quality
  • Automatic Night Vision (5m) so parent can see baby day or night.
  • Portable Battery or Mains operated - parent unit includes Rechargeable Lithium battery (included). Baby unit can be used with 4AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Power converts automatically to battery in case of power failure.
  • In-built safety features include low battery and out-of-range indicators so parents are warned when they reach the range limit or batteries are low
  • Sound activated light display enables parents to be aware of baby's sounds, even with the sound turned off.
  • Resistant to interference provides a secure and private connection and a consistent crystal clear picture and sound up to 200m.
  • Adjustable sound sensitivity function picks up the quietest of sounds.
  • Camera can be self-standing or wall-mounted (screws and plugs included)
  • Warranty 12 months

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Customer Reviews (12)
We will use this product to monitor a baby expected any day now, so we haven't actually used it as intended yet. However, it has been very easy to set up and the picture is high quality.
Review by (Posted on 25/09/2011)
Together with my wife we are very pleased with this Baby Monitor. We bought it four months ago and we had no problems with it. I personally like the large display.
Review by (Posted on 22/08/2011)
I spent a lot of time researching these monitors and we have now had it for 14 months. I never write reviews but feel this product is so good it deserves a review. The monitor is clear it does not get interference from wifi or other signals. The picture is very clear even at night. The battery lasts approximately 1-1.5hrs. If you are looking for a video monitor this is brilliant.
Review by (Posted on 19/02/2011)
You definitely get what you pay for with this baby monitor and it's fantastic. We had a different camera before and the two can't be compared!
The camera has a very clear picture and the night vision works well. There is 100% no interference from our wifi or cordless phones, and the ability to auto switch off the monitor until a sound is made is really helpful.
My only critisicm is that the camera base is very light and topples over. This isn't a big problem but is the only reason that I dropped a star.
I'm very glad to have chosen this camera and have no regrets at all. It's a great buy!

Review by (Posted on 21/10/2010)
We love this more creeping in to our babies room to make sure she is still ok. No crackling interference noises either!
Review by (Posted on 12/10/2010)
We bought the Luvion Platinum last year when our second baby was born. We were upgrading from a single camera of another make as this monitor has the brilliant ability to add extra cameras - great for monitoring two rooms as we have done. I cannot fault the product as it always has a very clear picture and sound as well as a long battery time off the base. However, it would be nice to have a slightly wider view and the ability to talk to the child via a button on the monitor as some other sound only monitors do. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a video monitor.
Review by (Posted on 01/07/2010)
We bought this a couple of months ago and have just started to use it for our 11 week old baby. The image quality is fantastic and even at night in B/W we can see the baby breathing. The unit is silent with zero interference and only bleeps when the baby makes a sound or moves. There is a nightlight but it is not too bright. We are really pleased with it.
Review by (Posted on 01/06/2010)
I never imagined to be so happy with a babyproduct.. As a digital sceptical, I did not even think I would need a babyphone.. Now I cannot live without! Being able to see my daughther without need to go in the bedroom while she is sleeping and know everything is fine is just great. Love the image and clear sound. Distance is beyong sufficient. Will get a second camera for my sister's boy soon.
Review by (Posted on 09/05/2010)
We bought this baby monitor after long research and I can say its fantastic! The video quality is very good, the sensors are working perfectly and are picking up the slightest noise.The alarm goes off even when the baby only turns his head. I will definately recommend!
Review by (Posted on 26/04/2010)
I've just brought one of these (decision made on a couple of reviews and the product description) Unfortunately it isn't as good as they make out - yes the sound quality and video quality are excellent - but unfortunately the microphone and poor sensivity (the claim that it picks up the quitest of sounds is complete rubbish - we have tested it everywhere around the house and even when you talk softly less than a meter a way it doesn't pick up. Whats more annoying is that the packaging says the volume is adjustable - again false claim the alarm volume only is adjustable [VOLUME IS ADJUSTABLE - Ed]. Please don't be fooled by all the good marketing hype you see about this camera - by all means bye it, but be prepared for a big dissapointment
Review by (Posted on 25/04/2010)
Note: The technical data is from my real world tests; the opinions are only my thoughts and are not criticisms of the system. Everyone will see and use the system in their own unique way.
I actually monitor (24 hours) an old disabled person, not a baby, but I think the review is fair reflection whatever you were monitoring.
This is the first time I

Review by (Posted on 29/03/2010)
We were a little cautious of spending this amount of money after previously been let down by a video monitor, but we took the chance and am glad we did, we were impressed from the minute it arrived, the quality was unbelievable, even the packaging was impeccable!! The monitor was so simple to set up even pairing the additional cameras took no time at all, comes with wall fixings and camera is multi positionable. The picture is completely crystal clear, even at night, the sound is perfect not a single noise, not one bit of interference at all. when she cries it sounds like she is in the same room. even when connected to the tv (42 inch screen) the picture is unbeatable. i would definately recommend this product to anyone.
Review by (Posted on 29/03/2010)

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