Motorola MBP36S Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36S Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Baby Monitor
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  • The UK's bestselling Video Baby Monitor
  • 3.5-inch LCD Colour screen with Infrared night vision
  • Remote-Controlled Camera features 300-degree Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Up to 200 metre range with Out-of-Range Warning
  • Five built-in lullabies & built in room temperature monitor

Product Description

Product Description

The Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor has a large 3.5" LCD colour screen which offers real-time video and sound from your baby's room and features infrared night vision, making the monitor perfect for use at night.

The MBP36S benefits from a 300-degree motorised pan, tilt and 2x zoom function that can be controlled remotely from the parent unit and has a comfortable 200 metre range that features an out-of-range warning to provide extra reassurance as you move around your home. 

 A 2-way speaker system allows you to hear your baby clearly, and gives you the option to comfort and sooth your baby through the unit.

You can ensure that your baby’s room never gets too hot or cold, thanks to the room temperature sensor which is displayed on the LCD display and the five built in lullabies are perfect for helping to sooth your baby to sleep.

When being used in battery mode, the screen will go blank after two minutes of inactivity, at which point the unit enters a power saving mode.



  • 3.5-inch LCD Colour screen
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS technology
  • Two-way communication
  • Infrared night vision
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Data encryption for security
  • Camera features 300-degree Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Up to 200 metres range
  • Out-of-range warning
  • Features five built-in lullabies

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BrandMotorola Baby Monitor
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Customer Reviews (13)
Great product. Good seize monitor.
Review by Ledir Graciele Carneiro do Vale Bavutti (Posted on 25/07/2016)
Crisp image and good sound. Night vision has really good image.
Good sized monitor

Parent monitor unit battery is terrible if you want to keep the image on the whole time. I tuned ours on for all the time and need constant recharging.
The camera is wired and you cannot place it in the baby's cot- you need to mount it in a wall or put it on top of a dresser.

Review by Liane Agostini (Posted on 16/07/2016)
Great quality product. 1 thing i would add is the ability to flip picture from portrait to landscape when necessary.
Review by Matt King (Posted on 10/05/2016)

Review by Dawn Southern (Posted on 29/04/2016)

Review by Janusz Kowal (Posted on 27/04/2016)
Perfect picture & sound. Great that you can change the angle from the viewer.
Temperature gauge is fantastic too

Review by Maria Coyle (Posted on 22/04/2016)
Really great product love all the features, however the battery life could be better without needing to plug into mains
Review by Melissa Peters (Posted on 15/04/2016)
Very detailed picture, I like the blending of infrared and lit pictures and the audio is very clear and sensitive to any noises
Review by Gareth (Posted on 10/04/2016)
Great monitor! Sound is really clear and the infra-red view is pretty good. It's not live feed so a second or so behind but that doesn't really matter. We used to have an audio only monitor, which was fine but since my little boy has moved to his big bed, having a camera gives extra reassurance.
My only issues are: the time isn't displayed on the screen. It's only a small point but kinda bugs me as I was used to having it on my Avent monitor. I also liked having a lanyard with my other monitor. Oh and the battery won't last if you keep the camera on constantly. It lasts pretty well though if you only check the screen intermittently.
I would recommend this monitor to anyone who would like to keep a closer eye on their little one...

Review by Sarah (Posted on 22/01/2016)
Fantastic product. Can't rate it highly enough! Picture is very clear, ability to adjust angle is very useful and the menu options mean the settings can be adjusted exactly as we want them. Makes 'that' time straight after bedtime much less stressful, as I'm not constantly wondering if the little darling is asleep or whether he's about to make an appearance and make me jump!
Review by Miriam (Posted on 18/01/2016)
good product, but really low distance from base and camera possible (max 5 meter inside my appartment)
Review by Alan (Posted on 14/08/2015)
We had the MPB 36 prior to this model and this one is far better quality with regard to the picture and sound.
Review by Amy (Posted on 27/02/2015)
One of the best quality product.

Recommend to all new parents.

It will cover all your expectations (night/day camera,sound and microphone quality).

Review by Zoltan (Posted on 14/02/2015)

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