Motorola Senses Smart Nursery Connect Baby Monitor Bundle

Motorola Senses Smart Nursery Connect Baby Monitor Bundle

Motorola Baby Monitor
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  • Bundle allowing you to monitor and track your baby's health and happiness
  • Includes Nursery Cam, Humidifier+, Dream Machine, Baby & Me Scale and Alert Sensor
  • Controlled by Hubble app that simply connects to your smartphone or tablet
  • Detailed information that informs about your baby's sleep, happiness and health
  • Provides you with the confidence you need in order to monitor your baby

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Product Description

Product Description

The Motorola Senses Smart Nursery Connect Baby Monitor Bundle is the perfect addition to any home nursery. The sense set allows you to keep a close eye on your little one allowing you to provide you with the confidence you need throughout the early stages of your baby’s development.

Smart Nursery Cam:

The Motorola Smart Nursery Cam has a whole range of features that will give you the confidence you need whilst your baby is peacefully sleeping, relaxing or playing in their nursery. With sleep quality monitoring and included smile and cry detection, you will be kept up to date via the Hubble app, that is available to download from the App Store or Google Play. You can always be connected to your baby and their environment via your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere and anytime.

With the use of various tracking features, you can discover what most affects the quality of your child’s sleep through helpful information featured on the dashboard. This will log various factors such as sound, movement, humidity, and temperature; each highlight the positive or negative effect it may have on your child throughout the night. This Smart Nursery Cam will provide you with all the information you need in regards to the health, happiness, and wellbeing of your baby. With built in pan and tilt you can also view your baby from the perfect angle, whenever you need to.


Humidity plays a key role within the quality of your baby’s sleep and how well they breathe throughout the night; therefore, the need to control this and keep track of the change in humidity is crucial throughout the early stages of development of your baby.

The Motorola Humidifier+ connects to the Hubble app, allowing you to make necessary changes to your baby’s room. The Hubble app allows you to monitor and control the humidity levels within your baby’s room, ensuring they sleep within the perfect environment, giving you both a peaceful night sleep. You can adjust the humidity level manually with the use of your smartphone or tablet to add moisture back into the air; this uses four cool mist diffusion settings to limit chapped lips, dry eyes and itchy skin when the central heating system is on within your home. With various diffusion levels and timer settings, this can be customised to suit the needs of your baby and your home.

Dream Machine:

When crying is detected from your baby’s room, the Dream Machine will help to stimulate or calm your baby with soothing natural sleep sounds, lullabies, night light and light projector. You are able to softly stimulate your baby with jungle animals, sea creatures and allow them to explore space on the wall or ceiling using the light show projector.

As the best calming sound to help soothe your baby is always the parent’s voice, you can use two-way communication to hear your little one and speak back to them. With a night light included you can gently soothe your baby; this built-in night mode features changeable colours to provide the most suitable and calming sleeping environment for your baby. This can also be remotely switched off and on using your smartphone or tablet and will provide a dim glow through the night to help the parent check that everything is ok within their child’s room.

Baby & Me Scale:

The Motorola Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale is the perfect addition to your household to keep track of yours and your baby’s health on a long-term basis.

This scale will allow you to track yours and your baby’s weight, daily, weekly, and monthly using the Hubble app. The Baby & Me Scale will provide you with the opportunity to use in-app growth chart to help you track your baby’s growth progress. Alongside this, BMI indicator will help you to achieve your goals. With settings dependant on use by parent or baby, this will help you track your progress and keep you up to date with yours and your baby’s weight. This Scale will also allow babies and small children to be weighed whilst being held in the arms of their mother or a helping hand.

Alert Sensor:

This innovative Alert Sensor will notify you when your doors and windows have been opened in order to provide you with complete peace of mind. This will give you the exact confidence you need, knowing exactly what is going in the nursery or elsewhere in your home.

This battery powered unit is compatible for windows, doors and more within your home. Controlled by the Motorola Hubble App, you can connect this to your smartphone or tablet, via The App Store or Google Play. Notifications will send through to your unit of choice and inform you of key events that happen in your home. The Alert Sensor is useful from when your child is just finding their feet, to when they are gaining their own independence.

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