My Flipper Toothbrush Holder Animal Collection

My Flipper Toothbrush Holder Animal Collection

My Flipper

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Product Description

Product Description

My Flipper Toothbrush Protectors are now available at Babysecurity. For more information on what my flipper toothbrush holders are read on below.

How My Flipper Works

My Flipper is a truly unique product whose heart lies in the mechanism: an ingenious design that allows Flipper to open / close automatically in response to the toothbrush. It is this clever design that sets Flipper apart from other toothbrush holders in the market: using the Flipper is completely intuitive and convenient, as it opens / closes automatically in response to the tug / push of the toothbrush.

While the bathroom is a place for us to freshen up, it is also a humid environment conducive for bacteria growth. Every time we flush, droplets of contaminated water drift into the air, along with germs that can cause diseases like gingivitis. However, many people simply leave their toothbrushes around in the bathroom, rendering them exposed and vulnerable.

Flipper helps to protect your toothbrush from these invisible menaces. It is an innovative design that protects your toothbrush within an enclosure while still being very intuitive to use. Here are Flipper’s benefits:


Stores Toothbrush Hygienically

Flipper shields and protects your toothbrush from the surrounding environments. Each toothbrush is also stored separately – this prevents toothbrushes from cross-contaminating one another with bacteria.








Flips Open/Close Automatically

It is almost magic! Push your toothbrush in and Flipper will snap shut automatically; give your toothbrush a gentle pull, and Flipper flips open again! It’s that simple and convenient!









Move It Anywhere

Flipper comes with suction cups instead of permanent adhesive strips – this means you can move it anywhere easily without leaving any marks on your wall/mirror.








Keeps Toothbrush Ventilated

Side vents in every Flipper allow for just enough air flow to keep your toothbrush bristles clean, dry and happy.

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