Nanny Baby Breathing Monitor- WAREHOUSE DEAL

Nanny Baby Breathing Monitor- WAREHOUSE DEAL

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  • Loud alarm after 20 seconds of no breathing
  • Alarms when baby's breathing is slow
  • Large sensor pad offering a wider sensing area
  • Visual warning lights, can use upto 2 pads
  • CE marked
  • Nanny Sensor Pad 35 x 55 x 1.5 cm

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Product Description

Product Description

Nanny BM-02 Baby Breathing Monitor is a Certified Class 11B device, used by medical professionals for precise & accurate measurements and early warning of irregular breathing or complete loss of infant breathing patterns. The Nanny Sensor Pad monitor sits discreetly under your baby's mattress and quietly monitors in the background to keep a watchful eye over your baby.

  • Carries complete CE registration as a medical device
  • Compliant with the 93/42/EC Device Directive
  • The ultra sensitive pad is the largest on the market
  • An acoustic and visual alarm will sound if your baby stops breathing for 20 seconds or if breaths per minute fall below 8
  • Can be used on mattresses up to 14cm deep
  • Contemporary and intuitive design, the alarm unit features three lights - a smiley face, an unhappy face and a picture of a battery
  • Replacement pads are available
  • Low life battery indicator. Replaceable batteries which usually last 6 months.
  • This Monitor is only recommended for use with one child

The Nanny Monitor is a certified medical device, tested in maternity wards and compliant with the 93/42/EC Device Directive. Designed for use in a cot or crib, the Nanny can be used on mattresses up to 14cm deep and will sound and audio and visual alarm should your baby stop breathing for 20 seconds or if breaths per minute fall below 10.

The Nanny Monitor has a pre-alarm alert that sounds when your baby hasn't taken a breathe for 20 seconds, after this pre-alarm a loud beeping alarm will sound to alert you to your baby's los of breathe.

If your child's breathe pattern falls below 10 breathes per minute an acoustic alarm will sound alerting you to the irregular breathe pattern and a green light will flash alerting you to the problem.

The nanny sensor breathing monitor has been design for use within the household environment and is ideal fro children from birth up until 1 year, it has a full medical certification meaning its accurate enough for neo-natal hospital & maternity units, battery life normal exceeds 6 months however regular bi-annually changes are recommended for a fully functional monitor replacement and spare pads are also available separately.

**Customer Notice – Nanny Monitor is a Class 11b Medical Product.  It will always be shipped to you Factory Sealed.  Before you break the seal please be aware it cannot be returned unless faulty. The EU 14 Days returns rules DO NOT APPLY to this product**

Medical Certification Certificate



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Product Specification

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