Neotec Ionic Air Purifier (Filter-less) XJ-2000

Neotec Ionic Air Purifier (Filter-less) XJ-2000

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Product Description

Product Description

Neo-Tec Ionic Air Purifier XJ-2000. Micro organisms and bacteria grow easily in warm and closed rooms or cars which also give out bad smell, dust, smoke and other stimulants. Continuous breathing of this poluted air may cause uneasiness, fatigue and other illness. The XJ-2000 is a high quality air purifier which electronically creates anion breeze without an annoying fan or motor noise meaning silently produced fresh air. 

The XJ2000  also promotes metabolism and strengthens physique. The static electricity metal dust collector captures fine particles suspended in the air: dust, pollen, mold dust mites, allergens, pet dander, smoke and bacteria. Active oxygen neutralises poisonous gas and eliminates unpleasant smell from kitchen, pet den bathroom and more importantly your baby's nursery.  You never have to replace any filter, simply take out the dust collector to clean periodically.

The compactly built air purifier can be place on any flat surface and desktop, or hangs on the wall. It is easy to operate, and maintenance free. Simply plug into electric socket, select continuous or micro-computer controlled cyclical operation mode depending on pollution condition and size of your room. After about two weeks of operation, you will discover plenty of airborne pollutants captured by the dustcollector.

The pollutants will not deposit around the air purifier or dirty your wall. It is suitable for 270sq.ft room and is an ideal air purifier for your bedroom, nursery room, living room, studying room, hotel, hospital ward and also for vehicles.

Features of the XJ-2000

? Micro-computer control, automatic operating cycle
? 17 high density stainless steel needlepoint produce rich negative ions.
? Force particles as small as 0.1 micron from air
? Soundless design, no motor
? No need to replace the filter, easy to clean
? Save energy only 6W
? Eliminate smoke smell, bacteria and mold, neutralize poisonous of harmful gas
? Keep air fresh and clean, promote health

*Comes With in Car Cigarette Charger*

How to use: 

  • Air currents are better closer to the ceiling, so the optimal placement of your XJ-2000 is on a bookshelf or at least three feet from the ground. You can also hang the XJ-2000 on the wall, for instance, under an air condition vent. Once you decide where to place the unit, simply plug the power adaptor to the unit and press the power switch. The red light indicates your unit is on.
  • When used in the vehicle, your XJ-2000 must be securely fastened. A small piece of Velcro is provided to help in that regard. Simply plug in the provided cigarette lighter adaptor and turn the unit on “low” for safe car operation. Always turn the unit off during fuelling.
  • There are 2 operating modes to accommodate different room sizes and air quality conditions: (1) High; the unit will run continuously. (2) Low; the unit will run intermittently; on for thirty seconds, off for three minutes.
Model: XJ-2000
Rated Voltage: DC 12?16V
Power Consumption: 6W
Active Oxygen Output: ≤0.05ppm
Lon Output: ≥1 x 106/cm3
Dimensions(mm): 300 x 180 x 95
Weight: 1280g
Applicable Area: 25m2

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