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Onaroo Ok To Wake! Nightlight and Sleep Trainer Clock

Onaroo Ok To Wake! Nightlight and Sleep Trainer Clock

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Product Description

Product Description

Onaroo OK to Wake clock is for parents needing sleep. The funky clock has been designed to light up green to tell your child that it would be OK to wake up. This then can mean that it can be set so that parents can get that extra bit of rest which is needed. The clock is also a stylish feature which will be loved by parents and children and also cleaver. It can be programmed to change colours at specific times to enable the parents to control when children should be away. With features like the nightlight, this can be left on a timer so the light when the child has fallen asleep.

"Grown-Up" Alarm Clock With Fun Animations
For older children that want to get up "on their own", OK To Wake! is a fully-functional alarm clock with snooze - just like mum and dad's! A pleasant gradual-wake (ascending volume) tone gently rouses your child. When sounding, the left toe button snoozes for ten minutes and the right toe button silences the bell.

Fun animations make OK To Wake! come to life with smiles and winks whenever the alarm is sounding.

Built-In Nap Timer
OK to Wake! includes a special built-in nap timer. Press a button to nap for up to 24 hours (fully customizable) without the other clock settings. And, best of all, the nap timer can conclude with the OK To Wake! light, the gradual-wake tone or both!

Interchangeable Face Plates For Boys & Girls
OK to Wake! comes with two interchangeable coloured face plates (green bug and pink flower).

Safety First!
OK to Wake! has been tested for lead paint content according to the requirements of the CPSIA and meets all other applicable safety standards. OK to Wake! is also CE certified.

Kid-Friendly Shape, Parent-Friendly Design
Kids love the shape! "Toe" buttons are fun to press. Parents appreciate the function and form. Concealed "parental" control panel provides access to clock options and instructions. Interchangeable LCD face plates (pink flower & green bug both included) provide options for boys and girls.

Soft-Glow Nightlight With "Ok to Wake!" Timer
OK to Wake! glows a soft yellow colour at the tap of a toe button and lights green ("OK to Wake") in the morning at a time programmed by the parent. To conserve battery life, lights turn off automatically after a customizable amount of time (up to two hours).

"Grown-Up" Alarm Clock
OK to Wake!'s built-in alarm clock features gradual-wake - the wake-up tone starts softly and ascends slowly to full volume. Fun animations accompany the wake-up tone. 10-minute snooze feature just like mum and dad's alarm clock!

Nap Timer
OK to Wake's! nap timer is programmable (up to 24 hours). When nap time is over, OK to Wake! sounds an audible tone, lights the green "OK to Wake" light or both, at your option.

Battery operated
Fully battery operated on two AA-type batteries (not included). Runs for approximately 3 months under normal operating conditions.

Other Flexible Options
Wake-up volume and brightness are both fully adjustable (low, medium, high).

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