UK To EU Deliveries & BREXIT

The Regulations for shipping customer orders between UK and EU Countries after BREXIT – 1/01/2021 are designed to stop either of the 2 Parties gaining advantage from Cross Border deliveries. This means EU & UK CONSUMERS WILL CONTINUE TO PAY TAXES on PURCHASES.

The Tax will be paid in the country shipping the order or the country where the order is delivered.

Whichever method is used the customer will pay the applicable VAT – but only once.

Couriers have been adjusting to these new requirements that are being legally enforced at Customs and Border Control. If the VAT is not paid in the country shipping the order the customer will be asked to pay the VAT on receipt of the order. Currently the solution available is for the customer to pay the VAT on Receipt of the goods. However, we are working with our couriers to develop systems to replicate Pre-BREXIT arrangements so customer pay VAT at the point of order.

Customers will find the total amount paid remains much the same.

Acceptance and Return of Internationally Shipped Goods:

International customers will be responsible for the cost of returning products to our Distribution Centre, unless your item is proven to be faulty. You are totally reliable for all import custom duties imposed by your Country’s Custom Officers.

Return Costs:

If you are not prepared to accept the costs of returning items to us from outside the EU, please do not place an order.

Correct Address:

You are responsible for ensuring the correct address is on your order as we cannot be held responsible for failed deliveries due to incorrect addresses. Once your order has been dispatched the address on the order cannot be changed.

Failed or Missed Deliveries:

We are not responsible for goods returned to our warehouse due to failed or missed deliveries. Shipping charges will be non-refundable and getting an item resent to you will be at your cost.

Consumer Tax and VAT:

Orders shipped to addresses outside the EU will be shipped excluding VAT. Please Note: We do not supply VAT reclaim forms.

Customs and Local Duties:

We cannot and will not accept responsibility for any country Taxes and Duties imposed at your customs or entry port; please check locally before you order.

Order Refusal at Your Country:

If products are barred from entry into your country, you will be responsible for all associated costs or return. Equally, if you refuse to accept a delivery made in accordance with your order, the full cost of resolving the matter must be met by you.

Further Information:

Important Notice for International Customers: Do not place orders to be shipped outside the EU if you do not accept the above conditions.

We will only ship brand new boxed products which will eb suitably wrapped and packaged for the journey to avoid any damage in transit.

Please contact our customer service team for further details by email or at or call us on 01778 561086.