Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set SCD271/00 PP

Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set SCD271/00 PP

Philips Avent
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  • All you need to begin bottle feeding, includes Newborn and Slow Flow teats
  • Two-piece anti-colic system reduces colic and fussing
  • Encourages proper latch-on and feeding
  • Extra-soft, naturally shaped silicone teat is odourless and taste-free
  • BPA-free PP bottles

Product Description

Product Description

Philips AVENT Newborn Starter set gives parents everything they need to bottle feed their newborn child. Whether feeding exclusively with bottle or combining breast and bottle the set comes with everything you need to be equipped for feeding. The Avent starter set includes 2 x 125-ml bottles with newborn-flow teats, 2 x 260ml bottles with slow-flow teats, plus a bottle & teat brush and finally a newborn soother.

Do not worry about age, when your baby grows, you can continue to use the same bottles all that is required is simply changing the teats to medium, fast or variable flow.

The Philips AVENT Classic Feeding Bottle included in the set is designed to work with your baby’s natural feeding rhythm. The teats on the bottles help your baby to control milk, making it easy to feed with a bottle only, or combine bottle and breastfeeding. Philips AVENT bottles have been clinically proven to reduce painful colic and discomfort after feeding.

Significantly reduces fussing

Unsettled and irritable behaviour, known as fussing, is by far the most commonly known crying behaviour in babies. Clinical studies show that the Philips AVENT Classic bottle significantly reduces colic and fussing.

A randomised clinical trial was carried out to see whether infant feeding bottle design affects infant behaviour. The Philips AVENT Classic bottle was shown to significantly reduce fussing by approximately 28 minutes a day as compared to the comparator bottle. This was especially true during night-time.

Anti-colic system

Feeding bottles, whether they are angled or straight, need air inside the bottle to replace the milk your baby takes. When your baby drinks, a vacuum is formed in the bottle causing the teat to collapse, restricting milk flow. When unable to receive milk, a frustrated baby's natural reaction is to suck more vigorously, which in turn increases the amount of air swallowed. Most bottles need air to flow in through the hole in the tip of the teat to remove the vacuum, interrupting the flow and rhythm of sucking.

As your baby feeds, the unique skirt on the AVENT teat flexes to allow air into the bottle, preventing any vacuum build-up. This allows your baby to suckle almost as if at the breast. Listen for the gentle whistling sound and watch the air bubbles burst on the surface of the milk. That's your guarantee that the air is being released into the bottle--not into your baby's tummy.

The two-piece anti-colic system on the Philips AVENT Classic Feeding Bottle contains a ring that must be fitted between the teat and the bottle for extra performance.

*Philips AVENT feeding bottles are 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.*

Newborn Flow Teat plus Slow Flow Teat

The Philips AVENT Classic Newborn Starter Set includes two different types of teat:

● The Philips AVENT Newborn Flow Teat is an extra-soft silicone teat with the lowest flow rate, ideal for newborns as well as breastfed babies who require a slower milk flow.

● The Philips AVENT Slow Flow Teat is an extra-soft silicone teat, ideal for newborn and breastfed babies of all ages.

Superior quality

All Philips AVENT products are superior quality and designed with you and your baby's needs in mind. Through extensive research and clinical trials, Philips AVENT products work together effectively to promote baby's wellbeing and give you the flexibility to care for a growing baby.

This Set Includes:
  • 2 x 260ml feeding bottle
  • 2 X 125ml feeding bottle
  • 1 x Newborn soother
  • 1 x Bottle & teat brush

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Weight0.422 kg
Bottle Capacity (ml)2 x 260 & 2 x 125
No. Of Bottles4

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Customer Reviews (28)
Super nice
Review by Kamilla (Posted on 12/08/2013)
fantastic starter kit
Review by nasrin (Posted on 08/12/2012)
Review by Shahrul Akhbar (Posted on 12/10/2012)
Great product a good price
Review by Gillian (Posted on 11/07/2012)
Great product a good price
Review by Gillian (Posted on 11/07/2012)
Baby is not here yet but can't wait to try it out :)
Review by Rebecca (Posted on 22/06/2012)
Good product - Not used as yet
Review by Lisa (Posted on 12/06/2012)
Good with affordable price, what else could you ask for
Review by Nadiah (Posted on 21/05/2012)
Great price, Great product
Review by SHAKIL (Posted on 17/04/2012)
I will use it with my child. Best product ever for newborn!
Review by Vili (Posted on 17/03/2012)
Easy ot clean, excellent quality
Review by George (Posted on 13/03/2012)
This was bought as a present
Review by Margaret (Posted on 12/03/2012)
Great set for newborn starters! Yet better price.
Review by Heidi (Posted on 11/03/2012)
This order is for a relative of mine.They sow my Philips Avent Newborn Starter Kit and decide to buy the products.
I recomand this product to every mother who want all the best for their children.

Review by Adrian (Posted on 05/03/2012)
One of the best bottle without bisphenol A.
Review by igor (Posted on 05/03/2012)
A good starter pack.
Review by Bethany Joy (Posted on 25/02/2012)
I am a foster carer and need to buy products that are good quality.Have bought avent products before and always found them to be good and reliable.
Review by Joanne (Posted on 17/02/2012)
Great product
Review by Rachel (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Excellent product
Review by Hadam (Posted on 10/02/2012)
not used, but a good by and had recommendations for this product
Review by jade (Posted on 16/12/2011)

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