Precious Little Angel Swaddle Shawl

Precious Little Angel Swaddle Shawl

Precious Little Angel
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Product Description

Product Description

Introducing the Precious Little Angel Swaddle Shawl.

Swaddling is the age old practice of snugly wrapping a blanket around a baby, to help calm, soothe, comfort and encourage them to sleep. It works by simply mimicking the conditions in the womb, providing warmth and a slight resistance to movement. This counteracts the Moro reflex, the involuntary twitches that can wake and startle your baby.

Clinical studies and healthcare professionals testify to it's many benefits including helping babies to sleep on their backs, which has been proven to reduce the incidence of SIDS. Others claim that it can even help a colicky baby, however the most common reason to swaddle is simply to help encourage a great night sleep for the whole family.

Our Swaddle Shawl uses beautifully soft, 100% lightweight cotton fabric, carefully chosen to provide excellent stretch to wrap snugly around your baby, and give fantastic washing characteristics. In fact, it's so soft, you can put your baby in our shawl wearing only her nappy, should you be concerned about overheating in these warm summer months. It's unique design allows you to secure the shawl around your baby quickly and confidently, without the need for noisy Velcro that can scratch baby's skin and snag other garments.

While ideally used from birth, older, previously un-swaddled babies can still greatly benefit from the Swaddle Shawl, as it's unique design accommodates the changing needs and size of your child by adapting from a full to a half swaddle (waist down).

  • 100% soft stretchy cotton
  • From Birth - 6 months 
  • Fully adjustable for Perfect Full Swaddles and Half Swaddles (Waist down) 
  • Especially suitable for babies who may escape traditional swaddles 
  • Quick and Easy to wrap 
  • Adapts to a baby's changing needs and size 
  • Helps prevent facial scratches (full swaddle) 
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

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