RM25 Breathing Baby Monitor

RM25 Breathing Baby Monitor

Greenwich Labs
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  • Certified medical device tested on maternity wards
  • Early warning alert for irregular breathing
  • Loud audible alarm to wake you and your baby

Product Description

Product Description

The RM25 breathing monitor can give you Peace of mind for you when your baby is sleeping. Many parents now use an RM25 monitor with their perfectly healthy baby, simply because of the reassurance that this brings. The RM25 baby breathing monitor is used in thousands of homes and hospitals. This proves that it is a reliable, professional, high quality baby breathing monitor. The RM25 breathing monitor is fully certified to European Regulatory Standards. This monitor does NOT operate on radio-waves like many other monitors and therefore is not subject to interference by any third party machinery. An all round simple and effective way of monitoring the breathing pattern of your baby, giving you peace of mind while your baby sleeps.

Why use the RM25?

  • NOT based on radio waves (radio waves increase chances of worrying false alarms).
  • Supplied with Mattress pad (no contact with baby) AND body sensor
  • The body sensor enables monitoring whilst on the move
  • Dedicated to breathing only
  • Has a low breath alarm, extra early warning of irregular breathing
  • Tried, tested, certified and approved product
  • Can be heard through a room monitor
  • Can be used for multiple birth babies (one monitor needed per baby).
  • Used in thousands of hospitals and homes
  • Professional, reliable breathing monitor
  • No contact with baby when the mattress pad is used.
  • Gives a visual as well as audio alarmLow battery alarm
  • Portable, light weight and battery operated.
  • Uses 4 “AA” alkaline batteries, which are included when purchasing the monitor.
  • Delivered complete, ready to use with monitor, mattress pad, body sensor, batteries, instruction manual.

Ideal for use in the home: The RM25 is a movement monitor designed to pick up the tiny movements your baby makes when breathing. It will alarm if the baby’s breathing patterns become abnormally slow or if the unit senses no movement. As a parent, you will hear a “click” every time the baby breathes (this clicking can be switched off if required). You can hear this “clicking” wherever you go in the home if you are using a standard baby listening monitor.

Easy to use: It is as simple as 1,2,3 to use 1)Put the mattress pad under the baby’s mattress 2)Connect the mattress pad to the monitor 3)Switch the breathing monitor on and it is ready to use.

2 Choice of Sensors: The RM25 baby breathing monitor can be used with either a Mattress Pad Sensor or with a Body Sensor. The monitor unit accepts signals from both types of sensor, which do not require frequent replacement, and gives you the freedom to monitor your baby in the way that suits you best.

1) The Mattress Pad Sensor is designed with ease of use in mind, the RM25 has a large sensor pad which means it can sense your baby’s movements over any area of the mattress due to its extreme sensitivity. The sensor pad simply slides under the baby’s mattress or moses basket or cot mattress (avoid a sprung-mattress as this could trigger false alarms) and is plugged into the RM25 monitor unit. The mattress pad has no contact with the baby.

2) Body Sensor: The addition of the Attachable Body Sensor makes the unit portable, enabling you to monitor your baby whilst travelling e.g. walking in the pram, travelling by car or train. The Body Senor is most suitable for smaller weight babies and is recommended for use whilst travelling. The body sensor is attached to the baby’s lower abdomen with micropore tape. 


1) The Main Alarm: If the unit detects no movement for 14 seconds, it will emit a pre-alarm signal to warn that the main alarm is about to sound. If no movement is detected for a further 6 seconds making 20 seconds in total, the unit will emit a series of long beeps and will continue to alarm until 2 breaths are detected. After 2 normal breaths the unit will reset and continue to monitor as before.The Main Alarm indicator will begin to flash as soon as the alarm sounds and will continue to flash for a further 2 minutes after the unit has reset itself.

2) The Low Breathing Alarm: The RM25 measures the time span in seconds for a baby’s previous six breaths (i.e 5 spans) and adds them together. If this value exceeds 50 seconds the alarm is activated and the monitor will emit a series of short beeps and the Low Breath Indicator Light will flash. Once this alarm has been triggered it will only cancel if the baby’s breathing rate reverts to a more normal rate. The Low Breath Indicator will continue to flash for a further 2 minutes after an alarm has sounded to indicate that the alarm has been activated.

PAD DIMENSIONS: 34.5 x 21.5 x 1.5cm

*Important Information - The RM25 is a movement detector capable of sensing the movements babies make as they breathe and is designed to alarm if no movement is detected within a preset time limit. The monitor cannot prevent loss of breath nor provide any stimulus to restore breathing movement. It is not a life-saving device. The only purpose of the RM25 is to monitor movement and to let you know if that movement stops, giving you the opportunity to carry out emergency procedures.*

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Customer Reviews (3)

Review by Jane (Posted on 18/09/2012)

Review by Jane (Posted on 18/09/2012)
I bought 2 other monitors (cheaper ones) that constantly gave false alarms or they simply did not work. I was a bit suspicious about breathing monitors until I received this Greenwich monitor. It is top notch. not problems, easy to use, no false alarms, always works. I have nothing bad to say about this monitor at all. Now I know why hospitals use this monitor as it is very reliable.
Review by Customer (Posted on 01/04/2010)

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