Safety Gates Buying Guide

Please make sure to measure and double check your measurements before buying a gate or extensions

Retractable safety gates:

These gates are a great way to save space and look stylish but also keep your baby safe.

If you don’t have the space to install a standard-size baby gate, you can choose an accordion fold style retractable model to form a fitted barrier; practical and space-saving giving adults room to move through.

Keep in mind that most retractable gates are made of mesh or loose plastic and are more susceptible to damage. Keep a close eye to make sure there are no rips or dangling pieces.

Pressure fit gates:

Pressure fit gates are popular for their no DIY installation and, not only do they protect your child from hazardous areas, but they can be moved from one door frame to another as and when needed.

With a simple locking handle you can guarantee your child will not get through; some gates even come with an alarm to let you know if a gate hasn’t been closed properly.

These gates can be extended to fit bigger gaps.

Not advised for top of stairs due to trip hazard.

Screw Fit Gates:

Screw fix gates are for a more permanent use as they need to be screwed into the wall. They work on a simple click and pull lock and are very strong with a solid sturdy fit - there's no bar across the bottom so there is no trip hazard.

Double check you have the correct size as these gates can not be extended.

Screw fit is recommended for use at the top of the stairs


 Wooden saftey gates:

We have a selection of modern, stylish wooden gates that come in both screw fix and pressure fit. With a range of finishes from beech wood to oak and even a combination of aluminium with a wooden finish.


 Exta wide baby gates:

We have a range of gates that are perfect for those wider openings; whether it be for a wide door frame or to be placed in a hallway, you can find something here that will suit your needs.


 Narrow baby gates:

Not only do we stock gates for wide openings but also gates for those narrow places too! Here we have a variety of gates to fit those awkwardly narrow openings.


 Extra tall baby gates:

Do you have a tall toddler? Well worry no more! Even with their amazing growth pattern you can still stop them from getting to unwanted areas with an extra tall safety gate.


 Pet gates:

These pet gates are designed to keep your pets from venturing upstairs or into a room which is not pet friendly.

Please note that not all pet gates are suitable for children, so please double check before buying.

The Royal Society Of The Prevention Of Accidents recommends:

A screw fit baby gate should be used at the top of stairs.

A pressure fit baby gate should be used at the bottom of the stairs.

For uneven surfaces (ie. banisters or pillars), click here to view Y spindles.