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Summer Infant Quiet Sounds Baby Monitor 5" B&W Video Monitor

Summer Infant Quiet Sounds Baby Monitor 5" B&W Video Monitor

Summer Infant
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Product Description

Product Description

Summer Infant Quiet Sounds Video Baby Monitor has a large black and white screen which make it ideal for placing on work tops or tables.  This audio and video baby monitor will suit most applications.   Won Mother & Baby Best Value Award  SEPTEMBER 2007 Wireless Baby Monitor set comprises an infrared camera with built in microphone which transmits clear pictures and sound back to a portable TV unit. The TV unit has volume control with sound lights on the front these lights flicker with your baby's every sound. 
Large 5 inch Black and White Video Screen 
Black & white Camera with infra red Night Vision 
3 channels to minimise interference  Quick View/Video On/Off button 
Built-in, self-filtering, directional microphone for crystal clear sound 
Sound lights move with every sound of your baby

  • Very easy and quick to set up
  • Clear black & white video screen with a carry handle for easy portability
  • The 5 sound lights will illuminate on the TV depending on the level of baby noise. For example, if your child is just cooing, only one or two lights will illuminate. If your baby is crying, several will illuminate, depending on how loud the crying is. This feature is particularly helpful if you are in a noisy room.
  • Quick View/Video On/Off Button:
    This button turns the video mode on. If you only want to hear your baby, press the Quick View/Video On/Off button is ideal for easily turning the video option in the middle of the night.
  • Night Vision:
    In a darkened room, the camera will automatically use its 8 infrared LEDs to transmit a clear image of baby, so you can see your child at night.
  • Multi-Position Camera/Microphone:
    The camera/Microphone should be positioned so it is facing baby as much as possible. This multi-position feature is unique to Summer nursery monitors. It allows the microphone to focus on the voice of the baby while filtering out the household noises.

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