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Tecnimed Mosquito Mini-Click Yellow

Tecnimed Mosquito Mini-Click Yellow

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  • Treats Up to 5,000 bites, No Batteries needed
  • Handheld, Lightweight Design.
  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation

Product Description

Product Description

Mosquito Mini-Click. Very often in summer evenings you are subject to attacks from obnoxious insects such as mosquitoes. The itch and the swelling resulting from their bites are very annoying and you feel a strong impulse to scratch the affected area whose consequence is to further irritate the skin.

To get rid of such fastidious problems is very simple with the aid of a small electronic device, (worldwide patent pending) very handy and easy to use: both compact and effective, its a product you'll never want to leave the house without.

This product has a built-in keyring to make it even more handy, and comes in yellow. 

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