ThermoFocus 0700 Infra Red Thermometer

ThermoFocus 0700 Infra Red Thermometer

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  • ThermoFocus Thermometer is easy to use
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales
  • ThermoFocus has proven reliability
  • Patented LED aiming system
  • Hygienic - no need for disinfection
  • No contact - non-invasive - ideal for Baby temperature measurement

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Product Description

Product Description

ThermoFocus 0700 Thermometer

The ThermoFocus Infra-Red 0700 Thermometer is the most advanced thermometer you can own within a home environment to precisely measure body temperature. It’s totally hygienic as it does not need to touch the skin. Simply point the ThermoFocus at the centre of the forehead and it will calculate the temperature of the surface in less than one second. The 0700 Thermo Focus calculates the body temperature by taking a reading of the infra-red which we all naturally emit for the surface of our skin. The correct distance between the skin and thermometer is determined by a completely safe aiming system.

The ThermoFocus can also measure the temperature of soup, feeding bottle's, bath water as well as liquids between 1.0 and 55.0°C like the wine, the coffee, etc. The memory button allows you to recall the last 9 measurements taken on the thermometer. The ThermoFocus 0700 model is also provided with the AQCS (Automatic Quick Calibration System) which means in the case of a very fast change of the devices temperature, the display of the ThermoFocus will display a countdown with the time that you will have to wait before its temperature is stabilised. 


  • ThermoFocus Thermometer is easy to use
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales  
  • ThermoFocus has proven reliability
  • Hygienic - no need for disinfection
  • No contact - non-invasive - ideal for Baby temperature measurement
  • Totally harmless
  • Clinically tested and proven

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Product Specification

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