Thermofocus VisioFocus With Case

Thermofocus VisioFocus With Case

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  • Visiofocus is the only thermometer in the world which projects the temperature directly on the forehead or other surfaces
  • Silent, it does not touch the skin and does not disturb your child’s sleep
  • Measures and projects the temperature of objects, food, water of the bath, wine and the skin, as well as the ambient temperature
  • 5 colour backlit display
  • 9 temperature memory to save checks

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Product Description

Product Description

THERMOFOCUS® is the first and still the most advanced “non-contact” clinical thermometer in the world. In order to take a body temperature it is enough to point THERMOFOCUS® to the forehead at the distance indicated by its optical aiming system. It can also take the room and the objects temperature, as well as the skin temperature (very useful to find inflammations, blood circulation problems, etc).

THERMOFOCUS® is a very hygienic and comfortable thermometer for families and hospitals. It has been widely used in airports, hospitals and schools during SARS and SWINE FLU.

Thermofocus exists in 5 different models:0700A2 and 0700A2 Essential for consumers, 01500A3 for consumers and doctors;01500A/H1N1 and 0800H5 for hospitals.The brand new thermometer is now the VISIOFOCUS®, the evolution of THERMOFOCUS®. With VISIOFOCUS®, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to immediately project the body temperature on the forehead: it simply reveals the body temperature without even touching the skin. It is amazing.

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Box Contains:

  • 1 x VisioFocus
  • 1 x 4 AAA batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

A Product Specification

Product Specification

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