VisioFocus 6400 Digital Infra-Red Thermometer

VisioFocus 6400 Digital Infra-Red Thermometer

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  • Projects temperature directly onto the forehead
  • Measure the temperature of liquid between 1-55 c
  • Unique Infra-Red Temperature recording

Product Description

Product Description

Thermofocus 6400 Thermometer VisioFocus is the most advanced medical non-contact thermometer working at distance. The 6400 thermometer is the only infra-red thermometer in the world that projects the temperature onto the forehead. The 6400 is the most advanced thermometer that can give an accurate reading of the body temperature which can be owned by family’s and doctors. The 6400 is totally hygienic and does not need to be disinfected as the thermometer does not need to touch the skin, the 6400 VisioFocus calculates the body temperature by reading infra-red radiation which is naturally emitted by the surface of the human skin.

Simple and easy to use the 6400 thermometer aims two harmless lights onto the forehead and then begins to project the temperature on the display. The VisioFocus also indicates to you if you are too close or too way away from the forehead. The temperature simply sits within the brackets of the display if it is within the correct distance, if not the reading will appear outside the brackets on the thermometer display. The thermometer also allows you to recall the last 9 measurements taken.

The measuring system used VisioFocus has been developed and tested with the collaboration of the Paediatric Clinic “De Marchi” (University of Milan). To protect your thermofocus from knocks and bumps there is also a protective case (see options above) that's ideal for travelling and keeping all the accessories in one handy little place. ThermoFocus is currently used in a number of qualified centres in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Oceania.


  • Projects temperature directly onto the forehead or surface
  • Hygienic and no need to sterilise
  • Measure the temperature of any object
  • Measure the temperature of liquid between 1-55 c
  • Great for measuring the temperature of soup, bottles, bath water, coffee and so on
  • Recalls the last 9 measurements
  • Display back lighted in 5 different colours

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