Waterless Non Rinse Emergency Wash Kit

Waterless Non Rinse Emergency Wash Kit

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Product Description

Product Description

The Non Rinse Waterless Wash Kit is a fantastic new product perfect for new mothers, days at the beach, camping, holidays, festivals & fates with children and much more! The Wash Kit allows you to wash your hair, body face and hands all without using one drop of water! All of the items are alcohol and paraben free, kind and gentle to the skin and are not tested on any animals. The Waterless Wash Kit is perfect for mothers who have just been through a difficult labour. The new mother is able to wash efficiently without the use of any water all from the comfort of her own bed. The Waterless Wash Kit enables the mother to both look good and have a little feel good booster. To save any pain and unnecessary stress of moving into the shower after the birth, especially if it was a difficult labour or a caesarean was performed, the Waterless Kit means that the mother can remain comfortable. The Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser is non-toxic and alcohol free. With a slight aroma of Jasmine the sanitiser does not irrate the skin, nor dry your your skin and it is also non-flammable. The hand sanitiser has been tested to EN1500 standards and kills 99.99% of germs such as MRS, C-diff and E.Coli.The Nilaqua Towel off Apple Fragrance Shampoo works like traditional shampoo by lifting up the grease and dirt. The non-rinse shampoo is a fantastic way of getting clean fresh hair without using water and it leaves your hair looking beautifully clean and soft without leaving any sticky residues or streaks. The Nilaqua Rinse Free Body Wash is alcohol and paraben free, pH balance and non-irritating. The rinnse free Body Wash both moisturises and cleans the skin effectively and gently leaving you feeling clean and fresh, all without using any water. The Nilaqua Travel Expanding Bathing Wipes are very durable, soft, chemical free and 100% natural. They are very simple to use, all you have to do is pour a little Body Wash onto the wipe and watch it go as it unravels into a cloth! The wipes compressed are 20mm D x 10mm think, when expanded they become 230mm x 250mm.       Contains 1 x Nilaqua Apple Shampoo 1 x Nilaqua Pink Body Wash  1 x Jasmine Foaming Sanitiser  1 x Pack of Expanding Wipes                 Features Alcohol Free Does not irate skin Does not dry skin Non-toxic Non-irritating Non-flammable  Does not need water  Paraben Free                                

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