Natural Ways to Induce Labour

It’s always a nerve-racking time when you know that any day now you will endure the life changing experience of child birth. And when the moment comes and nothing happens you can start to feel a little frustrated sometimes. This is why today we would like to discuss some proven ways to induce labour naturally.

You endlessly look online to see what other mothers have been through and how painful it was for them, until you come across the luckiest lady in the world who found it a total breeze and had no complications at all. The realisation of motherhood starts to become a lot more daunting once you reach your due date, especially if you haven’t even felt a slight twinge. You then reach the point where you go back online again and research all the weird and wonderful things you can get up to that will help to bring your labour along a little.

There are many tips that are very well known and some that aren’t so. Sitting there reading these old myths or theory’s you may begin to think why do I have to do these odd tasks? Will it even help in the slightest? Well, unfortunately we are not your fairy god mother, but we can help you understand why some of the daft sounding tasks may actually help you on your way, at least slightly!

Spicy food / Curry

So start with one that we all know and love, even if you are not pregnant, eating a generous portion of wonderfully spicy food, commonly the curry.

Although there is no proven evidence to support this theory many women do endure many curry takeaways to help bring on the looming labour. It is said that eating spicy food can begin to stimulate your tummy and therefore fuel your uterus into action, encouraging the start of labour.

However, if you do not eat spicy infused food, you may find that you will suffer with heartburn along with irritating your tummy and let’s say ‘bowel movements’, a point that may be worth keeping in mind when you’re about to push out a little baby. Whether it works for you or if you believe it actually works at all is completely up to you.


Does pineapple induce labour? Well, yes. Another type of food which is also meant to help encourage labour is a selection of exotic fruits. Again there is no scientific evidence to help support this theory but it is known that pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which is thought to help soften your cervix and therefore bring on labour.

Yet, there are not so pleasant side effects which will come with all of that pineapple eating, if you do eat a great amount; you may find yourself sitting on the toilet for a while. Other tropical fruits which also may work are kiwis, mango’s and papayas.


It’s the later stage of your pregnancy and all you really want to do is sit down on your sofa, watch T.V and devour pots of ice cream and tend to your ravishing cravings.

But if you have hit the point of your due date and there is still no arrival of your little one, you may have to get out and about for a nice little stroll. It is thought that the pressure of your baby’s head pressing down on your cervix from the inside could stimulate the hormone Oxytocin. Furthermore, the more time you spend upright, the more it will encourage your baby to move down into your cervix.

Having Sex

The one thing that you may want to do the absolute least, but having sex or even better, an orgasm has worked for many women who are desperate to go into labour and get the ball rolling. You may feel completely unattractive, or you may feel at your sexiest, but no matter how you achieve it, you may find it will help as many women swear by this method. Having an orgasm will help to release the hormone Oxytocin and help to stimulate your uterus meaning that you will begin to go into labour! Get creative with your partner, let them do the work!

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation or gently rubbing your nipples may help to encourage the start of contractions. The idea of this process is that it is meant to stimulate the suckling of a feeding baby. This action will help to release Oxytocin, the hormone which causes contractions and labour to start!

Castor Oil

Years ago, castor oil used to be prescribed by midwives and it is supposedly meant to have the same action as what curry does. However, this is one method which is no longer recommended by many people as it does not taste very nice and it also can greatly upset your stomach. Being stuck on the loo is never a great feeling when you are about to give birth.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is another popular method for mum’s who are desperate to go into labour naturally. Either taken in a natural tablet from or tea, res raspberry leaf helps to stimulate the uterus and preparing the uterine muscles for labour, effectively vastly hurrying up the third part of the labour process. However, like many other methods of inducing labour, this has not been medically or scientifically approved.

Now, while you keep on waiting have a look at all the baby essentials and make sure you have everything ticked off for your baby’s arrival.

If you do not have any luck with all of the above, don’t worry! Your baby will come when it’s good and ready! Do you have any other tips for expectant mothers? Share the with us!

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