Why buy stair gates?

Stair gates (or safety gates) are part of the very basic safety requirements for your household when your infant begins to crawl; and they should certainly be in place before they are walking.

At BabySecurity, as Baby Stair Gates experts, we know that despite their importance it’s surprising how easy it is to forget them and only remember when your child approaches an area they’re not really supposed to go.

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If you are still unsure about if stair gates are for you, then let us explain how they can help keep your home safe for your baby.

First of all, the stairs are an enormously dangerous place for small children to play, especially when they’re beginning to learn about climbing and walking etc; after watching others climb the stairs, a child’s innate curiosity is bound to make them very keen to do the same.

It’s important to have a stair gate at the top and the bottom of the staircase so you can allow your child a little more freedom to roam around the house without the risk of climbing or falling from the top of the stairs.

Stair gates aren’t just for stairs

It’s important to remember that a stair gate can also cut off other areas of your home where you would rather keep the children away from.  When you realise that you toddler is walking or crawling through a hazardous area such as your kitchen, you can get yourself a stair gate that fits the width of your kitchen door to ensure their safety.

Another great place to have a stair gate is at the door of your child’s room/nursery.  This is likely to be the place you have concentrated on making as baby safe as possible, and it’s also going to be home to a lot of your child’s toys.  Putting a gate on the door will enable your child to play in safety and allow you to continue with whatever else you need to get done around the home, safe in the knowledge that your child cannot get out.

Another great and often forgotten use for the stair gate is to keep pets out of particular rooms.  If you have a dog that you want to keep out of your dining room or lounge then a gate should help you keep your house tidy and in order.


It needn’t be an inconvenience to have stair gates where you don’t want your children or pets crawling around, and you won’t be expected to climb over them or dismantle them when you need to get through.  Most stair gates on the market these days are designed to enable an adult to open j and walk through, just as easy as opening a door; they are only designed to prevent small children getting through.

Now, if you are ready, have a look a our range of Stair Gates section to find the perfect solution for your staircase or room.

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